WCF Wayne Case Former

The new WCF Wayne Case Former is designed for manufacturers looking to maximize cost-efficiency in their end-of-line process. The WCF delivers efficiency with a large case size range, and offers fully automated tool-less changeover. It can erect RSC and HSC cases from fully flat case blanks or KDFs, discharging cases vertically for added ease packing.


Engineering Cost-Efficiency from the Top Down

Standard case erectors only work with pre-glued KDF boxes. The WCF offers new opportunities for cost saving by accepting fully flat case blanks. This result is only a difference of a few cents per box, but over hundreds of thousands of units, the new design delivers incredible savings. It also means more efficient warehousing of raw materials, making your process even more efficient.

Easy Controls and Changeover

At Wayne Automation, we pride ourselves on high-quality, user-friendly packaging automation. Our machines offer toolless change-over, including up to four change parts per case. This delivers safe, easy transitions with reduced downtime for maintenance. Our machines also include PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI, giving operators a superior interface to control and monitor the machine.

Smart Engineering Eliminates Manual Handling

Unlike competitors, the Wayne Case Former does not require manual stacking of flats into the machine magazine. Our case erecting equipment takes a full stack right off the truck, saving time and labor, so businesses can operate more efficiently. The WCF also minimizes handling by discharging cases vertically. This allows for an easier and more streamlined product packing process, either manually, or with automation.

Handles a Large Range of Case Sizes

Image of an unfolded die cut partition on the floor.The WCF is built to handle a wide range of case sizes, giving manufacturers the latitude to package a wide variety of products with a single machine. Operating with a minimum case size of 4″ x 4″ x 4″ and a maximum 18″ x 12″ x 14″, the box erector combines the versatility of other Wayne machines with the cost-efficiency of a complete case form.

A Reliable, Safety-Forward Case Former

Wayne is dedicated to providing the best machine on the market, and that means never compromising on safety. Our case erector includes the Lexan® Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches standard on Wayne machines. Additionally, our ruggedized designs extend equipment life and reduce maintenance, keeping your process throughput high.



• Vertical Case Discharge
• Handles RSC and HSC Case Types
• Tool-less Changeover – Up to four change parts per case including pick arms, opening arms, and compression plates
• Reduced Pneumatics – No timing critical pneumatic motion, no flow controls to adjust – replaced by small servos.
• Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System
• Built to NEMA 12 Standard


• Microcontroller with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Hot Melt Glue System
• Case size range: 4″x4″x4″ to 18″x12″x14″
• Erects fully flat case blanks or KDFs
• Bottom-seals cases



Years Of experience

// Glass and Plastic Packaging

Popular Shoe Retailer Saves Big with Case Erector From Wayne Automation

A popular shoe retailer worked with Wayne Automation to design and install a case erector machine that has so far saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Before Wayne, DTLR VILLA made all boxes by hand and became unable to keep up with demand.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector. DTLR VILLA saw immediate results both in space requirements for boxes, and for the labor needed to assemble those boxes.


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