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WVI Vision Inspection System

The WVI Vision Inspection System from Wayne Automation is a stand-alone unit that simplifies the process of identifying improperly loaded cases through visual inspection. The WVI integrates with other equipment to visually inspects cases to ensure that all partitions, carriers, or bottles are properly seated into the case and sends rejected cases off to the side. The system can also indicate missing partition or basket carrier inserts or missing containers.

WVI Vision Inspection System

Inspects cases for proper insertions and rejects as needed.



• Vision Inspection of cases up to 65 cases/min
• Pre-packer inspection of carriers/partitions
• Integrated failed case rejection system
• Integrated inspection image capture for offline review
• Advanced testing to reject periodic problems or signal systemic product faults




Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

Devils Backbone Brewery Chooses Wayne Equipment for their Packaging Line

This growing East Coast brewery located near Richmond chose responsive, local machine builders and vendors familiar with their lines of equipment.

Scalable Packaging

Wayne Helped Devils Backbone Grow from a 30 to 120 barrel brewery.

Local Support

Going with a local supplier for their packaging needs meant Devils Brewery had responsive service they could count on.


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