Wayne Automation Tray Formers At a Glance


Wayne Automation Corporation has been providing innovative tray forming solutions to the packaging industry for over 30 years. That experience has produced a line of tray formers that provide round the clock operational reliability and produce consistent high quality trays.

Wayne Automation Tray Formers At a Glance

Glue Tray Formers
TR-50 TrayformerHigh-speed mechanical-motion tray formingUp to 55/min
  • Side Slotted Trays
  • End Slotted Trays
  • Single Top Flap Tray
  • Outside Flap Tray
  • Side Seal (In/Out) Tray
  • End Seal (In/Out) Tray
  • Leak Proof Tray
  • One-Piece Telescoping
  • Tray
  • Two-Piece Full
  • Telescoping Tray
  • Triple Ended Tray
  • Tray with Flaps
  • Side Flange Tray
  • Economy Tray
  • Lids
WR-25TR Tray FormerModular tray forming system which can be integrated with a tray packing moduleUp to 25/min
  • 8-Sided Tray Styles
  • End and Side Slot Trays
  • Fold-Over Interlocking Tray Styles
Fold-Over Interlocking Tray Formers
TR-60 FOIL Tray FormerHigh-speed trayformer for fold-over interlocking tray stylesUp to 60/min
  • Two-Sided Fold-Over Interlocking Trays
  • Three-Sided Fold-Over Interlocking Trays
  • Stadium Style Fold-Over Interlocking Trays
  • Tray and Lid Fold-Over Interlocking Trays
Jumbo Tray Formers
JTF-10 TrayformerTray formers for pallet-sized jumbo traysUp to 10/min
  • Trays with Glued Corners
Corner Post Tray Formers
CPT-25 Corner Post TrayformerUnique capabilities to also form rectangular cornersUp to 25/min
  • Rectangular Corner Post Trays
  • Triangular Corner Post Trays
  • Laminated Side Panel Trays



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