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Partition Inserter SF-400 UHS

The Wayne Automation SF-400 UHS high speed partition inserter provides superior performance with rapid changeovers. It also offers a wide array of partition options and speeds up to 50 ppm. For more than a decade, the Wayne SF-400 UHS has been the leader in high-speed partition insertion. When your line demands proven efficiency, make the SF-400 UHS Partition Inserter your choice.

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Partition Inserter SF-400 UHS

Industry proven, unmatched performance.

The SF-400 UHS high-speed partition inserter is perfect for rapidly producing and inserting partitions to protect bottled or delicate products. It’s ideal for petrochemical and beverage companies as well as businesses that ship glass and/or plastic containers.

Who Benefits from a Partition Inserter SF-400 UHS

Any company that ships boxes with multiple items in each case can benefit from a high speed partition inserter. With more industries buying and shipping in bulk, Wayne has risen to meet the accompanying demand for partition inserters. These unassuming cardboard dividers have a significant job in protecting your valuable products. If your products get damaged or slightly marred during transit, then the entire cost of the unit may be lost.

Consistently producing uniform cases and partitions is a top priority in an end of line packaging process. Many businesses starting out or ramping up often rely on manual assembly for constructing their shipping cases. However, the strain of manual production can eventually become too much. To scale your business smoothly, you need to shift from people to machines to increase the pace and precision of your operations.

Adding a partition inserter like the SF-400 UHS to your packaging line can move your company into automation, and save you time and money in the long run. The initial investment into this kind of automation is often quickly offset by the efficiency it provides. With a Wayne Partition Inserter SF-400 UHS, you can ensure that you will have:

  • Long term durability, reliability and performance
  • Exceptional package quality (even with sub optimal materials)

For pricing or other information on the SF-400 UHS, please contact us for a quote.


Solid Performance with a Sensitive Touch

The SF-400 UHS has become the high-speed partition inserter of choice because it provides reliable, consistent performance throughout its speed range on the full array of accepted partition styles. With this particular model, two partitions are opened simultaneously, allowing higher speed throughput with each machine cycle.

Driving this first-class performance is a design ensuring that the material is under control 100% of the time. Partitions are never flipped open or dropped into cases. Opposing sets of vacuum arms open the partition and place it into the waiting case via a servo-controlled inserter head. It is only released once it’s placed securely into the case. (Watch this video to see it in action.)

For RSC cases, major and minor flaps are controlled by gates to ensure reliable insertions. For glued-in partitions, case compression ensures a consistently high-quality glue joint.

Suitable Options for Different Partition Needs

The SF-400 UHS stands apart not only in speed and reliability, but also in the various partition styles the machine can handle: Multi-cell, Air cell, Z-partition, glued-in A-partition, and everything in between. (See Partition Styles below.)

Partitions can be made in solid fiber or corrugated cardboard, shoulder height or mixed heights, and in all locking styles. Wayne Automation Partition Inserters have a proven track record of performance that makes us the leader in partition handling.

Speedy Production and Changeovers

With our innovative machines, a single operator can switch between partition styles in just a few minutes. Available T-Tooling allows you to dramatically shrink changeover time. The preset partition opener arms can be rapidly exchanged by a single person using the included lift cart. Motorized adjustments are available for magazine and conveyor settings, allowing the operator to make one-touch adjustments from the operator control station.

Stable Operation with Minimal Maintenance

The speed of a machine provides no real benefit if it’s constantly down for lengthy maintenance and repair cycles. The SF-400 UHS has been designed to make maintenance quick and easy. Highly reliable Allen Bradley servo drives and motors provide trouble-free operation for the case exchange partition transport and inserter motion.

Available automatic grease pumps and airline lubricators provide on-the-go lubrication while the machine runs. Our Total Planned Maintenance (TPM) service is also available to provide notification and acknowledgement of routine maintenance. It even provides pictures and instructions of the maintenance task via the color touch screen HMI.

Safety Features using State-of-the-Art Systems

Anti-intrusion switches are standard safety components on Wayne machines. The SF-400 UHS is also equipped with Lexan doors for an unobstructed view of the machine’s function. The vertical traveling inserter head is equipped with redundant safety systems, including a pneumatic rotary brake, rod clamp, and a resistive braking module to ensure it’s completely safe to enter the machine when stopped. The status is displayed on the main operator panel, and remote emergency and cycle stop stations are located around the machine.

Service and Technicians that are Industry-Best

We aspire to build machines that operate at 100% capacity all of the time. However, problems still occur. Wayne Automation has a team of experienced technicians to support your maintenance cycles, planned upgrades, or emergency service. Our partners can call service directly at 610-630-8900 or send in a service request anytime. With our superior customer care and support, we work to maintain and improve your operational efficiency through:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Exceptional Safety
  • Uniform Output


Consistent packing ensures your products are delivered securely and professionally to your customers. However, you may need different partition styles to meet your customers’ needs. No problem. Wayne’s SF-400 UHS high speed partition inserter can produce many different styles of partitions:

Multicell Partitions
End Air Cell
Side Air Cell
Glued-In A-Partition
Closed X
Cross X
12-Cell Shunted Partitions



• Speeds to 50 Insertions Per Minute
• Two Insertions Per Cycle
• Easy Load Magazines
• Lexan® Safety Door with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• Wide Range of Partition Sizes and Styles in Corrugated or Solid Fiber
• Available T-Bar Tooling for Fast Changeovers


• AB PLC with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Nordson Hot Melt Glue System (for glued-in partition styles)




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