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Partition Inserter SF-400B

The Wayne Automation SF-400B Single Head Partition Inserter is targeted at production lines that need a maximum of 25 CPM, yet still require an extremely reliable, highly versatile, and fully featured partition inserter.

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Partition Inserter SF-400B

Fully featured, compact footprint.


Big performance in a small package

The SF-400B Partition Inserter is designed for lower case throughput lines, with a maximum speed of 25 cases per minute. This however is not a stripped out and slowed down derivative of a more capable model. Rather, this machine includes all the same features that make our two-head and four-head Partition Inserters industry leaders. Utilizing the same 100% paper control design ethos as the other inserters, this machine controls the partition from magazine pick through completion of the insertion.

Compatible with a wide array of partitions

The SF-400B accepts a wide variety of partition styles for capabilities its competition can’t even begin to match. With demonstrated performance inserting multi-cell, air cell, glued-in A-partitions and more, the system handles solid fiber or corrugated materials in shoulder height or mixed heights, and in all locking styles. Let Wayne show you why our Partition Inserters are the choice of companies needing proven partition inserting equipment.

Rapid partition changeover

Changeover between partition styles can be accomplished in mere minutes with a single operator. Available T-Tooling allows you to dramatically shrink changeover time with preset partition opener arms that are rapidly exchanged by a single person using the included lift cart. Motorized adjustments are available for magazine and conveyor settings allowing the operator to make one-touch adjustments from the operator control station.

High performance, low maintenance

The SF-400B has been designed to make maintenance quick and easy. Highly reliable Allen Bradley servo drives and motors provide trouble-free operation for the case exchange, partition transport, and inserter motion. Available automatic grease pumps and airline lubricators provide on-the-go lubrication while the machine runs. Available Total Planned Maintenance (TPM) provides notification and acknowledgement of routine maintenance and provides pictures and instructions of the maintenance task via the color touch screen HMI.

Safety, our best performance feature

Standard on the SF-400B UHS are Lexan doors equipped with Allen Bradley anti-intrusion switches that give you an unobstructed view of the machine function. The vertical traveling inserter head is equipped with redundant safety systems including a pneumatic rotary brake, rod clamp, and an Allen Bradley resistive braking module to ensure completely safe entry into the machine when stopped. Remote emergency and cycle stop stations are located around the machine and the status is displayed on the main operator panel.


Multicell Partitions
End Air Cell
Side Air Cell
Glued-In A-Partition
Closed X
Cross X
6-Cell Shunted Partitions
12-Cell Shunted Partitions





• Speeds to 25cpm
• Inserts One Partition Per Cycle
• Easy Load Magazines
• Lexan® Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• Wide Range of Partition Sizes and Styles in Corrugated or Solid Fiber
• T-Tooling Available for Rapid Job Changes


• AB PLC with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Nordson Hot Melt Glue System (for glued-in partition styles)




Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

CSD Copackers Slashes Labor Costs

CSD Copackers, a small contract packer for soda pop and syrup, incorporated a Wayne Automation case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and case sealer into their process, saving space and labor while improving conditions for employees and customers.


End of line packaging processes were done by hand, including erecting boxes, partitions, and sealing boxes.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and hot-melt glue case-sealer.


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