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Partition Former / Inserter SF-400 Enhanced Series

The Wayne Automation SF-400 Enhanced Series Partition Formers / Inserters are the most versatile partition handling equipment in the industry. Enhanced Partition Inserters start with Wayne’s field-proven SF-400 single- and multi-head inserters, and add partition forming capability, letting you run over 40 different styles, from pre-assembled to complex die-cut partitions all on the same machine. When your line requires a partition handling system with maximum versatility, your line requires a Wayne.

Partition Former / Inserter SF-400 Enhanced Series

Unmatched partition handling.


Rock solid performance

The SF-400 Enhanced Series is built on a history of success. These machines start with the same fundamentals used on the highly successful SF-400, VHS, and UHS models, retaining the exceptional magazine handling, servo paper transport, and servo controlled vacuum inserter arms. Upon this tested platform additional folding capabilities are added.

Compatible with a wide array of partitions

Offering over 40 styles of partitions and counting, there simply is no other equipment available that can match this capability. See our full list to explore the possibilities the SF-400 Enhanced Series can add to your packaging line. As with every Wayne SF-400 Partition Inserter, the machine is fully capable of handling glued-in styles and partitions that are solid fiber or corrugated material.

Changeovers that allow you to take advantage of our versatility

Wayne understands that when you want the flexibility to run the widest array of partitions available, you need rapid and repeatable changeovers. With available T-Tooling, moving between a corrugated H-beam partition, to a multicell, to a glued-in A, is as simple as changing preset T-Tools. Rapidly exchanged by a single person using the included lift cart, the inserter head can be reconfigured in minutes. Adjustments throughout the machine are either scaled or have hand-wheel and counter adjustments. Available motorized adjustments allow the operator to make one-touch selections from the HMI, further reducing changeover time and eliminating the possibility of incorrect settings.

More machine, less maintenance

The SF-400 Enhanced Series Partition Formers / Inserters utilize Allen Bradley servo drives and motors, providing long-lasting performance and low maintenance operation. Available automatic airline lubricators and grease pumps take the guesswork out of lubrication and run during machine operation, eliminating this maintenance activity. Available Total Planned Maintenance (TPM) provides notification on the HMI of routine maintenance and reduces time by showing color photos of the task and location of the maintenance activity.

Safety first

Standard on the SF-400 Enhanced Series machines are full height Lexan door guards, allowing an unobstructed view of the machine operation. The doors are equipped with Allen Bradley anti-intrusion switches that immediately halt the machine when opened. Triply redundant safety mechanisms, including a rotary brake, rod clam and resistive braking module, guarantee completely safe entry into the machine when stopped. Remote emergency and cycle stop stations are located around the machine and the status is displayed on the main operator panel.






• Available in Three Models for Speeds Up to 40 Insertions Per Minute
• Easy Load Magazines
• Lexan® Safety Door with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• Wide Range of Partition Sizes and Styles in Corrugated or Solid Fiber
• Handles Die-Cut Partitions Requiring Folding and Manipulations Prior to Insertion
• T-Tooling Available for Rapid Job Changes


• AB PLC with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Nordson Hot Melt Glue System (for glued-in partition styles)




Years Of experience

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