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Partition Assemblers and FPI-T Inserter

Fully integrated partition assembly and insertion

Partition Assemblers and FPI-T Inserter

Fully integrated partition assembly and insertion.


Build your own partitions and insert them with this pair of partition handling machines

Wayne Automation offers a line of Partition Assemblers for those production facilities looking to reap the savings of assembling your own partitions or creating partition styles not available pre-assembled and collapsed. Models are available to assemble U, A, or Multicell partitions from die-cut pieces.

  • U-Partition Assemblers – A popular partition style not available pre-assembled. Wayne models available are U-6/2 Assemblers for 6-cell partitions or U-8/2 Assemblers for 8-cell partitions. Both can handle corrugated or solid-fiber materials.
  • A-Partition Assemblers – Makes the 6-cell A-style partitions in corrugated materials.
  • S-24/2 Assemblers – Models available to fabricate multi-cell partitions with 12- or 24-cells from corrugated dividers.

Compact and reliable insertion of assembled partitions

You’ve realized the savings of assembling your own partitions, now easily insert them with the Wayne Automation FPI-T Partition Inserter. Designed specifically to work with assembled, un-collapsed partitions, the FPI-T works with a wide variety of partition styles including U, A and Multicells.

Two machines, seamlessly integrated together

Each machine, the assemblers and the FPI-T inserter, work as standalone machines. However, these machines were designed to integrate together, working as one unit with a common processor, reducing the redundant systems and cost to the user. As a joined system, these two machines give you a powerful and reliable alternative to buying pre-assembled, collapsed partitions from your paper supplier.

Safety, never an afterthought

Wayne Partition Assemblers and the FPI-T Partition Inserter come standard with the safety features our customers have come to expect from a Wayne Automation machine; Lexan guard doors with magnetic anti-intrusion switches, light curtain safety barriers, and remote mounted emergency stop stations around the machines.





• Vertical Case Discharge
• Speeds Up to 35 Cases per Minute (Case Size Dependent)
• Handles RSC and HSC Case Types
• Can Erect Both Left- and Right-Hand Cases
• Automated Recipe-Driven Changeovers


• Microcontroller with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Hot Melt Glue System

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