Non-Technical? Here Are 4 Partition Inserter Benefits Explained Simply


Wayne Automation has worked hard to establish its reputation for innovative partition inserters. We recognize that the needs of the packaging industry are constantly changing. For over 35 years, Wayne has worked to get ahead of all these transitions and transformations impacting our business.

We aim to be the premier supplier of packaging machines to the glass and plastic container industries. Today, more industries than ever have been buying and shipping in bulk. Wayne has risen to meet the demand for partition inserters to ensure all these products are packaged and delivered safely.

Here are 4 more Automated Partition Inserter Benefits:

1. Moving Perishable Items Quickly

Downtime in food packing is serious. Perishable items spoil if they aren’t delivered and sold ahead of the sell-by date. Blocked packaging lines can have a devastating effect on shipments involving products with a short shelf life. If end-of-line processing isn’t fluent, boxes don’t get out, and units can end up being discarded. This is an issue for both small businesses and industrial high-volume industries. Swift, reliable service is vital for everyone in the food packaging industry.

2. Creating Safer Workplaces and Happier Employees

Petrochemicals like sulfur or ammonia can be corrosive and toxic. If a worker is packing these commonly used chemicals by hand, there is always a risk of exposure. The containers could be defective, or they could be dropped and damaged. Hazardous spills can happen for several reasons, but the result is always negative. Accidents can lead to material losses and costly injuries.

Automated packing machinery like a partition inserter reduces risk by bringing workers away from potentially harmful chemicals, and replacing human error with mechanical control. Companies that automate their end-of-line processing have been known to experience increased worker satisfaction. The safety benefits enjoyed by everyone make automation an easy choice.

3. Handling Delicate Containers with Care

Speaking of accidents, if a company is dealing with fragile items like glass bottles, then packaging machines need to ensure the safety of breakable goods without sacrificing efficiency. To handle these requirements, our flap folder and closer machines use a patented process to protect the product and maintain the case’s structural integrity. For example, if a packaging error is detected, the process will stop automatically to prevent delicate products from being damaged.

Other Wayne machines, like our case inverters, also use a special “soft touch” method to maintain contact with the conveyor during the entire inversion process. With longer boxes, they use an escapement to keep case flaps closed. These safety features prevent glass bottles and jars from falling or sustaining damage, while operating at a rate of up to 40 cases per minute.

4. Making Changeovers Simply and Rapidly

Changeovers are frequent in industries using glass and plastic containers. However, due to the delicate nature of the material, changeovers can often lead to long downtimes. Downtime displeases customers and hurts profit margins.

Wayne engineers our automatic packing machines to make line changes simple and intuitive. After we streamline automated end-of-line processes for our partners, we are always reachable in case you have any questions or need support. We offer an extensive inventory of parts to support your maintenance activities. If you ever need help identifying a specific part, you can always give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you out 24/7.

Whether you need a multi-head partition inserter, fully automated magazine loader, or easy-to-adjust case erectors, you can trust our innovative packaging solutions to process your products safely.

Find the Packaging Machine Solutions You Need with Wayne

Wayne Automation offers many ready-made solutions for end-of-line processes involving glass and plastic containers. Our glass and plastic container packaging machines offer unparalleled performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Contact us today to find the exact packaging machine solution to elevate your business to the next level.

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Big Beverage Company Selects 7 "Top of the Line" Wayne Partition Inserters

When the company switched to bulk glass, they needed a fast and reliable partition inserter to prepare cases for bottle transfer. Wayne Automation’s top of the line quality and service ensured the process was integrated seamlessly and with minimal downtime.


When switching to bulk glass, this company needed a fast, efficient, and safe process for bottle transfer.


As of 2021, Wayne has provided ten partition inserter machines, and the company and operators love it.


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