Partition Inserters At a Glance


Wayne Automation Corporation is renowned in the packaging industry for its innovative partition insertion equipment. Always the leader in development to meet the current needs of the packaging industry, Wayne has been the premier supplier of packaging machines to the glass and plastic container industries for over 35 years. Now, with more industries buying and shipping in bulk, Wayne has risen to the demand for their partition inserter requirements.

Control 100% of the Time

Wayne Partition Inserters maintain control of the partition throughout the insertion process. We never flip partitions open or drop them into cases. By handling both sides of the partition during opening, and controlling it until it is seated in the case, the Wayne in-line partition opener and inserter achieves superior results regardless of the partition quality.

Powerful Solutions for Any Volume

Whatever the needs of your end-of-line line process, Wayne is ready with solutions. Models range from single-head servo insertion to high-speed machines capable of inserting four partitions at once. With over 35 pre-assembled and collapsed partition styles, you can be confident you have the best integrity and security every time—no matter the size, shape, or weight of your product.

Turn-Key Packaging Systems with Astounding Options

The true power of Wayne Automation comes from their variety. Customers can choose partitions in glued-in or no-glue styles, as well as in corrugated or solid fiber styles. Wayne even sells dedicated pad inserters for C-pads and vertical or horizontal pads. And, for processes where material storage comes at a premium, our combination partition assembler/inserter builds partitions from die-cut pieces.

Rugged for the Factory, Safe for the Workers

Wayne Automation machines are built to withstand the harshest conditions, offering a lifetime of unmatched quality. From the bottom up, our partition inserters are designed to work in any factory conditions—that means making safety a priority, too. All partition inserter models come with Lexan doors equipped with anti-intrusion switches standard, as well as redundant safety features to protect operators.

Wayne Automation Partition Inserters At a Glance

High Performance Single- and Multi-head Inserters
SF-400 Partition Inserter machineSF-400 Partition InserterSingle head servo insertionUp to 26/minAll pre-assembled and collapsed partition styles including glued-in styles in corrugated or solid fiber. (see partition styles)
SF-400VHS High Speed machineSF-400VHS High SpeedTwo insertions at a time. Handles large casesUp to 42/min
SF-400UHS Ultra High Speed machineSF-400UHS Ultra High SpeedTwo insertions at a time. Increased speed over VHSUp to 50/min
SF-400 Quattro Maximum Speed machineSF-400 Quattro Maximum SpeedInserts four partitions simultaneouslyUp to 70/min
Enhanced Inserters with Partition Forming / Folding Capabilities
SF-400 Enhanced Series Partition Inserter machinesSF-400 Enhanced Series Partition InsertersSingle and multi-head modelsUp to 40/minAll above pre-assembled styles and corrugated die-cut partitions requiring folding (see partition styles)
Pad Inserters
C-Pad Partition Inserter machineC-Pad Partition InserterSingle or multiple glued C partitionsUp to 25/minC Partitions
Pad InsertersPad InserterModels specific for vertical or horizontal placementUp to 25/minVertical or horizontal pads
Partition Assemblers / Partition Inserter
Partition Assemblers and FPI-T Partition Inserter machinePartition Assemblers and FPI-T Partition InserterAssembles partitions from die cut pieces. Dedicated Inserter paired with Assembler for compact footprint machineUp to 25/minMulticell, U, A, Footed style partitions, Inserts assembled partitions


Regardless of your company’s needs, Wayne Automation partition inserters and packaging systems have you covered. Consider some of the potential applications:

Glass and Plastic Packaging

With systems designed specifically for plastic containers, we can accommodate an enormous range of possible container shapes and sizes. Whether you need a glass or plastic container packaging machine, Wayne has you covered.

Petrochemical Packaging

Chemical products have specific configurations for boxing and shipping, but all potentially hazardous materials require secure, sturdy packaging for distribution. Volatile or corrosive chemicals, in particular, require sufficiently rugged cases and packaging for safe and successful shipping.

Food Packaging

The food industry requires a staggering range of products, and food packaging systems need to rise to the occasion. With everything from glass bottles to paper cartons to plastic pouches on the menu, packaging diverse products requires machines that are fast, efficient, and flexible.



Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

Big Beverage Company Selects 7 "Top of the Line" Wayne Partition Inserters

When the company switched to bulk glass, they needed a fast and reliable partition inserter to prepare cases for bottle transfer. Wayne Automation’s top of the line quality and service ensured the process was integrated seamlessly and with minimal downtime.


When switching to bulk glass, this company needed a fast, efficient, and safe process for bottle transfer.


As of 2021, Wayne has provided ten partition inserter machines, and the company and operators love it.


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