Machine Condition Monitoring With Wayne

Wayne Automation offers a Machine Condition Monitoring Package so customers can leverage the power of innovative insight and data about machine health for proactive solutions and optimal performance.

Real-Time Machine Condition Monitoring From Wayne Automation

Having insight into your machine’s performance is crucial for ensuring optimal function, reducing maintenance, and preventing problems. However, most companies don’t have the capability to fully monitor machine health for optimal performance.

Wayne Automation is proud to offer a Machine Condition Monitoring Package for our customers. Instead of sensors merely reporting an on or off state of machines, they’re part of a full communication system where companies can get significantly more information from a sensor for a full range of analog-like results.

This package puts all air pressure, vacuum sensing, and laser-ranging photo eyes on the I/O link system, with additional vacuum sensors added at tooling end effectors. Data is displayed on the HMI and logged on a memory card-based FIFO on the internal PLC.

Air Supplied - Normal Conditions
Air Dumped - Entering Machine or E-stopped
Low Pressure Fault - Sensor is Out of Range

Benefits of Machine Health Monitoring With Wayne

  • Decrease downtime
  • Enhance machine performance
  • Improve productivity
  • Leverage data to fix the issue without outside help
  • Reduce on-site maintenance visits and service calls
  • Prolong the life of your machine
  • Upfront cost is equivalent to a single emergency service visit

Here’s what our Machine Condition Monitoring Package offers, and how it can benefit your operations.

Set Parameters and Automate Alarms for Suboptimal Function

Our Machine Condition Monitoring Package allows us to install much smaller sensors, which we strategically place to provide critical data.

For example, vacuum transducers can be put on end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to measure vacuum levels. Less advanced systems would use a large pressure switch at the back of the pump. This would provide data, but couldn’t give any insight into the status of the EOAT.

Now, customers can monitor air pressure regulators for correct value, and automate warnings when levels move out of range. End effector vacuum sensors provide enhanced tracking of performance and problem identification.

As a result, Wayne empowers you to get real-time monitoring of parameters. Instead of requiring someone to be on-site and manually inspect gauges to ensure proper function, these sensors automatically set off an alarm when things aren’t working optimally, allowing for remote monitoring and prompt identification and resolution of issues.

View Real-Time Value of Pertinent Sensors

With machine condition monitoring, real-time value of all pertinent sensors for vacuum, air pressure, and laser ranging are shown on the HMI. Real-time monitoring of perimeters comes standard with our Machine Condition Monitoring Package.

To view detailed information about that sensor, including a tracking graph, simply touch the sensor gauge, and you’ll be able to track the status of the machine. It’s essentially Wayne’s equivalent of an EKG for our products.

Customers can define acceptable ranges for their machines, and how sensitive they want the alarm system to be. For example, there can be a range of operating where there’s an issue, but not a need to stop the machine. Customers can specify ranges where warnings are necessary, or ranges where the problem is severe enough that the machine needs to be stopped.

With the appropriate alarm, an issue with a machine doesn’t have to stop production. Machine condition monitoring ensures your equipment doesn’t get to that point—it’ll notify you when something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Leveraging Telemetry Data for Troubleshooting and Analysis

Customers get comprehensive telemetry data about a machine with Wayne’s Machine Condition Monitoring Package. Companies can store significant amounts of information about real-time performance. This gives them the opportunity to set parameters for alarms, and log data to track trends or review data in the event of an incident.

Data logging and transmission via ethernet for offline storage and analysis is also possible.

Off-site engineers can look at the data and fully understand the problem without seeing the machine in person.

The data is complete with time stamps, so if someone makes an adjustment to a machine or something goes wrong, there’s a specific note for operations or maintenance managers to pinpoint the issue, and prevent it from causing additional problems.

Being able to isolate and troubleshoot an issue like this means businesses don’t need to halt their packaging lines whenever there’s a problem. The sensors automatically identify when something is non-optimal, and send a warning for someone to remedy it. This helps streamline packaging operations and reduce downtime.

If your company needs support with machine condition monitoring, Wayne Automation can remotely access your data and help your team correct the issue. Of course, our experienced technicians are always here to step in when you need on-site assistance.

Contact Wayne Automation to Learn More

For customers who want better diagnostic tools, enhanced troubleshooting resources, and a better picture of machine performance for operating efficiency and line performance, this Machine Condition Monitoring Package is an innovative step toward proactively monitoring machine health and reducing downtime.

Wayne is currently offering our Machine Condition Monitoring Package on new machines, including our VCE and WRLV case erectors. Contact us today to discuss how your packaging machinery, business, and production line could benefit from machine condition monitoring with Wayne!

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