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Case Top Sealers

High performance servo case sealing.

RPS & WTS Case Top Sealers

High performance servo case sealing.


Is your business fully automating the packaging process for the first time, finally doing away with time-consuming hand taping?

Has demand increased to the point your current automatic box sealers can’t keep up with the new, faster pace of your packaging line?

Is it simply time to replace your equipment after years of day-in, day-out use?

Whatever the reason you’re in the market for new machines, naturally you want the best case sealer available.

Dependable, All-Day Performance

If your business is looking for a case or box sealer built to thrive in a 24/7 production environment, providing reliably excellent results, Wayne Automation has the best case sealer for you.

Our line of case sealers provide consistent performance across a range of speeds, regardless of the condition of a case’s major or minor flaps. Their compression rollers set the tape or adhesive joint, ensuring high quality results every time.

If you need to seal tall or top-heavy cases, our sealers’ side-guide stabilizing rollers will keep the package under control even at high speeds.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about upstream line pressure adversely affecting your case sealers’ performance.

Two Models Available to Meet Your Specific Needs

We understand no two businesses have exactly the same packaging line needs. We never force a supposed “one size fits all” solution.

Choose between our two fully automatic case sealer models:

  • RPS Case Sealers hot melt adhesive up to 80 cases per minute (CPM), and can tape up to 70 CPM.
  • WTS Case Sealers hot melt adhesive and tape up to 35 CPM, and are a more affordable option for businesses who don’t require top speeds.

Superior Flexibility for Sealing Cases

Your equipment should conform to your packaging needs—not the other way around.

Wayne Automation case sealers are available with tape or hot melt adhesives, and can accommodate:

  • Regular Slotted Cases (RSC)
  • All Flaps Meet (AFM)
  • Full Overlap Slotted Containers (FOL)

Tape models come in 2- and 3-inch widths, from multiple tape head manufacturers.

Hot melt models come in a range of melter sizes, also from multiple suppliers. You can choose to apply adhesive to either the minor or major flaps, always keeping it away from your product.

Wayne Automation Takes Your Operators’ Safety Seriously

All Wayne Automation case sealers include these standard safety features:

  • Lexan® Safety Doors equipped with anti-intrusion switches give operators an unobstructed view of the machine’s function, and automatically turn it off if the doors are opened.
  • Remote emergency and cycle stop stations are located around the machine, ensuring its function can be stopped at a moment’s notice.
  • Machine status displayed on the main operator panel promotes easy monitoring of equipment function.

For more help choosing the best case sealer or other packaging automation equipment for your business’s end-of-line operations, contact Wayne Automation online today.


Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
All Flap Meet (AFM)/Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)
Full Overlap Cases/Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)



• Hot Melt or Tape Sealing
• Servo Flap Folder
• Lexan® Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• Handles RSC, AFM, and Full-Overlap Cases in Many Corrugated Weights including Double-Wall


• AB PLC with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Tape in 2” and 3” Widths. Tape Heads Available from Multiple Manufacturers
• Hot Melt on Major or Minor Flaps. Melters from Multiple Manufacturers




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