Case Sealers At a Glance

Highly reliable top sealing capabilities

Wayne Automation Case Top Sealers At a Glance

Highly Reliable Top-Sealing Capabilities

A Wayne fully automatic case sealer provides the performance and flexibility for the most stringent packaging applications. Speed, flexibility, and safety are priorities across the breadth of our product line, and whether you’re handling Regular Slotted Container (RSC), Full Overlap, or All Flaps Meet type cases, we can provide you the perfect system and a choice of hot melt glue case sealers or tape case sealers.

HighlightsHandles a wide range of case sizes, precision servo operation, push button adjustments
SpeedDependent on Case Geometry
Case TypesRSC
Sealing OptionsHot Melt Glue, Tape
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HighlightsTop seals cases at high speeds
SpeedUp to 80 cpm
Case Types RSC, All Flaps Meet, Full Overlap Cases
Sealing OptionsHot Melt Glue, Tape
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HighlightsTop sealing for lower speed packaging lines
SpeedUp to 35 cpm
Case TypesRSC, All Flaps Meet, Full Overlap Cases
Sealing OptionsHot Melt Glue, Tape
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HighlightsSlits tabs, folds flaps, and top seals cases
SpeedUp to 20 cpm
Case TypesTablock, RSC
Sealing OptionsHot Melt Glue, Tape
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Wayne Automation Case Sealer

Boosting Productivity and Reducing Stress

You have enough to focus on just producing your product. Getting your products boxed, sealed, and shipped shouldn’t be a process giving you additional stress. That’s where we come in. Wayne Automation builds a top-quality case sealer to quickly and consistently package your products. Our high speed case sealers ensure your packages are tightly sealed and secured to help you confidently get your boxes out the door and into the hands of your customers.

Meeting You Where You’re At

We have partnered with a variety of industries to install our case sealers. Many of our partners include Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Petroleum, and Household/Personal Care Products companies just to name a few. Whether you’re still hand taping boxes, starting to ship a mix of different size boxes, or are simply looking for alternatives to help reduce your overall costs, we can help. Our packaging professionals are ready to answer your questions and share their knowledge with you.

Contact us with any questions you may have.

Experience The Wayne Benefit with High Speed Case Sealers

In the End-Of-Line Process, Every Step Matters

Having clean, professional packaging for your product not only protects the contents, but also elevates your business in the eyes of your clients. At Wayne Automation, we know the value of pairing efficient production with uncompromising excellence. That’s why we’ve made our line of case sealing machines powerful and flexible enough to fit perfectly into any process.

If Interchangeability Is a Requirement

With incredible speed, versatility, and capability in a variety of styles, Wayne machines provide the performance you need to meet your most demanding packaging applications. Models are available to seal cases with hot melt or with tape, giving you total control over your process. Manufacturers can even choose between using two-inch and three-inch tape strips on their cases. Whether you need a high speed case sealer or a fully integrated Tab-Lok carton assembly system, we have you covered.

It’s Safe and Easy to Use

LEXAN® Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches ensure operator safety. Color touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMIs) make control simple and seamless. There’s a reason we’re told time and time again that workers love our machines; A Wayne Case Sealer makes the job safe and efficient while delivering incredible quality.




Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

Sierra Nevada Gets A Case Sealer And A Partner

When Sierra Nevada Brewing needed to rapidly assemble uneven cases, but couldn’t risk excessive downtime or redundant machines, they relied on Wayne Automation’s reputation for unmatched quality and dedicated service.


Sierra Nevada Brewing needed an efficient and rugged system to facilitate shipping out of their Mills River location.


Wayne Automation supplied a case erector and sealer, basing the setup off Wayne’s work at their sister brewery in Chico, CA.

Automate with Us!

To learn more about Wayne Automation, our machines, and our service, contact us 24/7 to discuss how we can benefit your end-of-line process!

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