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FCC Flap Closers / Conditioners

The Wayne Automation FCC Flap Closer and Conditioner, with available Case Inverter, provides complete solutions for trouble-free flap folding, flap relaxing, and case inverting. The patented flap conditioning process folds, closes, and conditions the flaps without damaging the product or compromising the structural integrity of the case. The FCC folds and conditions flaps up to 40 cases per minute.

FCC Flap Closers / Conditioners

Fold and relax flaps for easy palletization.


Pre-inspection for added process control

An available tamper / inspector adds further control to the process, ensuring drop packed materials are seated in the case before flap folding and conditioning and no damage occurs to either the product or the case. Should the tamper / inspector not be able to properly seat the product in the case, the machine stops to prevent that product from being damaged.

Modularity lets you choose what you need

For customers who hand palletize, the FCC is available without the case inverter and for customers whose cases are already closed, the machine is available as a flap conditioner only. You choose the equipment that suits your needs.

Rugged and reliable, the Wayne Automation way

The FCC Flap Folder / Conditioner is built for the harsh 24/7 environments common to the glass industry. This machine will provide years of trouble-free operation that has become the differentiator for Wayne Automation machinery.



• Major Flap Control for Reliable Minor Flap Closing
• Available Product Tamper / Inspector
• Available Integrated Case Inverter
• Light Curtain Safety System


• Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView™ Color Touch screen HMI




Years Of experience

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Big Beverage Company Selects 7 "Top of the Line" Wayne Partition Inserters

When the company switched to bulk glass, they needed a fast and reliable partition inserter to prepare cases for bottle transfer. Wayne Automation’s top of the line quality and service ensured the process was integrated seamlessly and with minimal downtime.


When switching to bulk glass, this company needed a fast, efficient, and safe process for bottle transfer.


As of 2021, Wayne has provided ten partition inserter machines, and the company and operators love it.


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