CI-40 Case & Product Inverters

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At Wayne Automation we know what our partners are looking for in their packaging equipment. Since 1976 we have been providing innovative, high quality packaging automation machinery that allows our customers to grow their businesses and reach new heights. Like all of our equipment, our case and product inverter machinery automates the inversion task with precision and care so that this step in your packaging workflow goes off without a hitch.

Benefits of Automated Packaging Inversion Equipment

Industrial Automation Engineered for Control and Care.

The CI-40 provides a “soft touch,” inverting the case so that it is never out of contact with the case conveyor. This is ideal for breakable containers, or delicate food products. For long, rectangular cases, an escapement is used to ensure the case flaps remain closed during the inversion process. The inverter is capable of inverting cases at speeds up to 40 cases per minute.

The CI-40 is the Piece of Packaging Machinery for your Inversion Needs.

If product inversion is what you need, the CI-40 can handle that too. The CI-40 is the machine for those customers needing a cost effective solution to automatically invert their product during processing. This packaging machine uses product-specific quick change inverter arms that keep the product in control at all times, ensuring a damage-free inversion which keeps in line with Wayne Automations commitment to maintaining quality in our packaging automation processes.

The Quality and Comprehensive Engineering Your Business Deserves.

Inversion equipment is a great way to handle your case or product inversion needs. The CI-40 also comes complete with its own case conveyor and controls which makes this case inverter a truly stand-alone machine. With quality, precision, and consistency you can be sure that this step in your packaging production process will deliver for your business and your customers. If you are looking for an inversion machine, Wayne Automation would be happy to get you the best solution.




Years Of experience

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Popular Shoe Retailer Saves Big with Case Erector From Wayne Automation

A popular shoe retailer worked with Wayne Automation to design and install a case erector machine that has so far saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Before Wayne, DTLR VILLA made all boxes by hand and became unable to keep up with demand.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector. DTLR VILLA saw immediate results both in space requirements for boxes, and for the labor needed to assemble those boxes.


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