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Case and Tray Packing Overview

Wayne Automation has been providing case and tray packing solutions across a wide array of industries for over 30 years. Our expertise spans a variety of products from baby food and flower boxes to carpet tiles and oil filters. Our range of experience encompasses three distinct capabilities: tray packers, wraparound casers, and RSC case packers.

Case Packer Machines

Over our nearly 50 years as a case packer manufacturer, Wayne Automation has provided case and tray packing solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise spans a huge variety of products, from baby food and flower boxes to carpet tiles and oil filters. This range of experience has grown to encompass three distinct capabilities: tray packers, wraparound case packers, and RSC case packers.

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WTP Tray Packer machine

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Case Types RSC, Tablok, AFM
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Explore Your Tray and Case Packer Options With Us

Innovative Packaging Capabilities

We offer a wide range of packing capabilities—including partitions or glued-in C-pad inserts—to ensure secure packing for any product. When it comes to end-of-line automation, you can trust Wayne Automation case packaging equipment for robust, reliable solutions.

Custom Configurations to Meet Your Needs

Our custom tray and case packer solutions are not static configurations, but flexible design components with field-proven features selected to meet the needs of your line. Depending on your needs and budget, systems are available with fully automatic or manual load stations. This modular approach allows Wayne Automation to offer a customized, high-reliability process to meet your cost and schedule requirements.

Tray Packers

We started in the craft brewery industry, so we know the importance of reliable, low-footprint tray packers to get your product out the door and safely into the hands of customers. Our WTP Tray Packer is built specifically for cases, cartons, and ringed cans. With this machine, you can supercharge your process by packing dozens of units per minute, all while saving your workers the tedious job of packing by hand.

Our machines offer partitions and variable dimension capabilities to provide the best results for your process. Check out this video to see the WTP Tray Packer at work.

Wraparound Case Packers

Wraparound cases offer efficient blank storage, consistent assembly, and an easy foldover top, making them attractive for end-of-line packing automation, where many separate units need to be packed into boxes. Our WR Series Packing Systems offer smooth, seamless assembly and packing of containers, which is ideal for specially branded packaging. Watch this video to see the WR Series in action.

RSC Case Packers

The regular slotted container (RSC) box style is the most popular choice for manufacturers packaging their products. Its highly efficient design provides industry-leading efficiency and reliability for your unique product-handling needs. Wayne Automation offers RSC case packers configured for your unique operations. Watch this video to see our WR 10 End Load RSC Case Packer in action.

Tray and Case Packer FAQs

1. What are the key features and capabilities of tray and case packers for packaging automation?

Wayne Automation’s tray and case packers come with the flexibility companies need for their operations today. Our equipment features the ability for both automatic and manual loading, varying speeds, color touch screen HMIs, quick changeovers, and automatic safety features. Our innovative case and tray packers allow you to increase production, reduce reliance on manual labor, and meet demand for a comprehensive end-of-line packaging solution.

2. How can case and tray packers improve efficiency and productivity in packaging operations?

Case and tray packers improve efficiency and productivity in packaging operations by automating the process of loading products into cases or trays. They can handle a high volume of packaging faster than manual labor, reducing the time required for packaging. By minimizing human errors, they ensure consistent and accurate packaging, reducing waste and customer complaints. Additionally, case and tray packers optimize space utilization, allowing for more products to be packaged in a smaller area.

3. What are the different types of case and tray packers available in the market, and which one is best suited for my specific packaging requirements?

Wayne Automation offers wraparound case packers, RSC case packers, and tray packers to meet the packaging needs of various industries. While tray packers are more suited for the food and beverage industry, RSC case packers and wraparound case packers are ideal for a variety of packaging needs.

Types of Applications for Case and Tray Packers

Case and tray packers can be used for various applications and a range of products, including:

  1. Food packaging: Case and tray packers are commonly used in the food industry to automate the packaging of various food items such as cans, bottles, and cartons. They can efficiently handle the sorting, grouping, and loading of products into cases or trays, ensuring faster and more accurate packaging.
  2. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products: Case and tray packers are also used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for packaging medications, medical supplies, and other healthcare products. They enable precise and sterile packaging, ensuring product integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.
  3. Chemical products: When you need to pack different chemical products, case and tray packers can streamline the packaging process, reducing human errors and ensuring consistent packaging quality for a wide variety of products.
  4. E-commerce and fulfillment centers: Automated packaging equipment such as tray and case packers plays a crucial role in fulfillment centers. These machines help efficiently pack products into cases or trays, optimizing space utilization and minimizing shipment errors. They enable faster order processing and ensure that products are securely packaged for safe transportation to customers.

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As one of the leading case packer manufacturers, Wayne Automation is here to help you find a custom setup for your case and tray packing needs with reliable equipment that lasts. Contact us today to request more information or get a quote.




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Wayne Erectors Bring Flexibility to ZXP

Wayne Automation brings reliability, flexibility, and bespoke engineering to meet the automation needs of ZXP Technologies for automotive lubricants.


ZXP needed to replace an existing system, which had been moved to a new line.


Wayne Automation supplied a VCE case erector to meet their needs.


When you’re working with Wayne, you can be confident knowing your automated packing system will be fast, reliable, and perfectly tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discuss how Wayne Automation can supercharge your process!

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