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WTP Tray Packer

The WTP Tray Packer is built with the Craft Brewery in mind and answers the backbreaking task of loading multiple-packs in trays. The machine combines pre-formed trays with cases of bottles or cans at speeds up to 15 trays per minute. An optional configuration will also pack trays with ringed cans.

WTP Tray Packer

Versatile tray loader for beverage packs.


Automated tray loading on one compact platform

The WTP is tailored to those companies looking for an affordable, small footprint, easy to operate, reliable machine capable of loading packed cases of bottles, cans, or ringed-can packs into trays. The system can be configured to handle:

  • Cases (corrugated or solid fiber) of bottles or cans
    • two 12-packs per tray
    • four 6-packs per tray
    • six 4-packs per tray
  • Cartons of Cans
    • one 24-pack per tray
    • two 12-packs per tray
    • four 6-packs per tray
    • six 4-packs per tray
  • Ringed Cans
    • two 12-packs per tray
    • three 8-packs per tray
    • four 6-packs per tray
    • six 4-packs per tray

Pre-formed trays are delivered short side leading into the WTP where the beverage packs are picked up and loaded into the tray.

Built for Safety

The WTP Tray Packer is designed with Lexan doors for visibility into the machine and easy access when required. The doors are guarded by anti-intrusion switches that stop the machine when opened. Remote mounted emergency stop stations are located on each side of the machine for quick access.


Two 12-Packs per Trays
Four 6-Packs per Tray
Six 4-Packs per Tray
Six 4-Packs, Four 6-Packs, Three 8-Packs, or Two 12-Packs of RInged Cans per Tray Floor Plan



• Small Footprint
• Allen-Bradley PLC with Color Touch Screen HMI Make Operation Easy
• Simple Set Up Adjustments
• Lexan® Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• Speed up to 15 Trays per Minute


• AB PLC with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Available with either 240/ or 480/3ph 60hz Power

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