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Wraparound Casers & Case Packers

Wraparound Casers & Case Packers

Sample Case Packer Applications.


Businesses know they need to continuously work to keep themselves competitive in our fast moving business environments. Wrap-around carton packers and wrap-around case packers have the ability to speed up the wrapping process, better protect your goods, and reduce your production costs. If you’re looking to improve your packaging process, read on to learn why these machines might be just what you’re looking for.

What Can This Wrap-around Carton Packer Do For You?

If you’re not already wrapping your products, you are missing out on better protection and better brand image. Wrapping improves the integrity of your packaging and creates a professional look that tells a story of quality and commitment to your products and customers.

If you are already wrapping and are considering adding a wrap-around carton packer, just ask any employees who wrap what they think. They will probably tell you that the manual wrapping process is time-consuming and laborious.

Wayne Automations wrap-around carton and case packer is just the machine you need to solidify your packaging process. Our machine can handle almost any product application like:

  1. Oil Filter Packs
  2. Baby Food Jars
  3. Drink Packs
  4. Flower Box Shippers

And so much more.

Sample Applications:

Let’s Talk Automation

Wrap-around carton packers are a great piece of packaging equipment for any process. It is a packaging machine that creates consistent quality wraps for your products that leads to better packaging integrity, more stable inventory, cost savings, and so much more.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a Wayne Automation wrap-around carton packer can do for you, please contact us today!




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// Petrochemical Packaging

Wayne Erectors Bring Flexibility to ZXP

Wayne Automation brings reliability, flexibility, and bespoke engineering to meet the automation needs of ZXP Technologies for automotive lubricants.


ZXP needed to replace an existing system, which had been moved to a new line.


Wayne Automation supplied a WCE case erector to meet their needs.


We look forward to helping you and sharing our knowledge with you.

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