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WLRV-CE Automatic Case Erector

Wayne’s Large Range Vertical Case Erector, Model WLRV-CE, is designed for manufacturers with the need to handle a wide range of case sizes. The WLRV operates with the precision of servo motion operation and offers fully automated tool-less changeover. It can erect RSC and HSC cases with left- and right-hand case presentation on one reliable system.

WLRV-CE Automatic Case Erector

Wide range of case sizes, left- and right-hand cases, automatic changeover.


Flexibility to meet today and tomorrow’s packaging demands

The challenge many manufacturing customers encounter in the current production environment is the continual change in final product packs introduced by marketing which impacts case sizes. Varying case sizes cause continuous changeover requirements that effect production efficiencies and increases the cost of production labor, capital, and time.

Smooth, precise machine operation

The WLRV-CE is a vertical case erecting/discharging machine that utilizes intermittent motion and has positive case handling and positioning throughout the process. This case erector employs servo technology so all adjustments based upon case size are motorized and deployed via pre-programmed recipes on the HMI.

Handles a large range of case sizes

The WLRV-CE is the only case erector in the market today that handles a very large range of case sizes (the smallest size being 6” x 6” x 4” to the largest size (24.5” x 20” x 18”) and can erect both right–hand and left–hand cases. Implementation of a patent-pending, multi-axis servo erecting station seamlessly switches between collapsed case opening direction via HMI selection.

Companion machines to create the ideal solution

The WLRV-CE machine has been designed for either manual load operations or can be tightly integrated with the Wayne Automation Automated Magazine Loader (AML), providing increased automation performance and reduced manpower load.

The RPS-LR Case Sealer is the ideal mate to the WLRV-CE Case Erector. Both systems can handle a wide range of case sizes and offer fully automated changeover.

The WLRV-CE delivers value

All of these capabilities provide customers with an unmatched Value proposition enabling them to continue to grow to deliver multiple product sizes. Customers utilizing the WLRV-CE technology have seen increased production efficiencies and a significantly lower cost of ownership by incorporating the use of one case erecting machine vs. having to deploy several case erecting machine to accomplish their production requirements. All in all, the WLRV-CE provides customers with the required flexibility for the ever-changing production runs to meet the demands of the market.


RSC Cases
HSC Cases



• Vertical Case Discharge
• Speeds Up to 35 Cases per Minute (Case Size Dependent)
• Handles RSC and HSC Case Types
• Can Erect Both Left- and Right-Hand Cases
• Automated Recipe-Driven Changeovers
• No Manual Adjustments – All machine adjustments are motorized and sync with product recipes
• Tool-less Changeover – Up to four change parts per case including pick arms, opening arms, and compression plates
• Reduced Pneumatics – No timing critical pneumatic motion, no flow controls to adjust – replaced by small servos.
• Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System
• Built to NEMA 12 Standard


• Microcontroller with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Hot Melt Glue System




Years Of experience

// Glass and Plastic Packaging

DTLR VILLA Sees Massive Savings

DTLR VILLA, a major footwear and apparel retailer, incorporated a Wayne Automation custom case erector into their process, saving time, space, and tens of thousands of dollars per year.


Before Wayne, DTLR VILLA made all boxes by hand and became unable to keep up with demand.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector. DTLR VILLA saw immediate results both in space requirements for boxes, and for the labor needed to assemble those boxes.


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