Case Erectors At a Glance


As a leading manufacturer of quality-built packaging equipment for over 35 years, Wayne Automation is known for producing the most rugged and reliable case erectors on the market. First designed for the 24/7 requirements of the glass container industry, the Wayne case erector family has evolved into a popular choice in all types of packaging environments where ease of operation and trouble-free performance is paramount. Standard features on Wayne case erecting systems include:

  • Microprocessor controls with color touchscreen HMI
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments for efficient changeovers
  • Ruggedized designs to extend equipment life and reduce maintenance

Wayne Automation Case Erectors At a Glance

Fully Automatic Changeover
WLRV-CE Case ErectorWide range of case sizes, precision servo operationUp to 35 cpmHSC, RSC Right-Hand and Left-Hand CasesHot Melt Glue
Compact Footprint
WMCE Vertical Case ErectorVertical case discharge, affordableUp to 20 cpmHSC, RSC, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue
WCE Case ErectorsAffordable, quick deliveryUp to 30 to 35 cpmHSC, RSC, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue, Tape
Maximum Versatility
MOD B Case ErectorsServo-enhancedUp to 40 cpmHSC, RSC, Tablock, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue, Tape
Maximum Speed
VCE Case ErectorVertical case dischargeUp to 75 cpmHSC, RSC, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue
Specialty Applications
CE-20/30 Case ErectorOversized casesUp to 35 cpmHSC, RSC, AFM, TablockHot Melt Glue, Tape
CE-24/30 Case ErectorJumbo cases with interlocking bottomsUp to 8 cpmRSC or HSC with Interlocking Bottom FlapsInterlocked Flaps
Tablock Case ErectorsVarious models and speeds availableUp to 40 cpmTablockHot Melt Glue, Tape



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