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A Compact Case Erector

Small but Powerful

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reasonably priced case erector, then Wayne’s WCE Case Erector is the solution! Our compact machine can run strong at speeds up to 35 cpm and is easy to operate and maintain. Its lean and rugged construction makes it the perfect choice for any small-sized packaging operation. Open the Matterport viewer below to take an in-depth 3D tour of this powerful machine.

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A Compact Case Erector with a Big Output

Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up an existing operation, you may be looking for an inexpensive but hard-working automated packaging machine. Take a closer look at Wayne’s WCE. The small size belies impressive capacity, backed by top-rate engineering.


Small or Scaling Businesses

Producing a good, square case is usually a top priority in an end-of-line packaging process. Many businesses starting out or ramping up often rely on manual assembly for constructing their boxes. However, the strain of manual production can eventually become too much. To scale your business smoothly, you need to shift from people to machines to increase the pace and precision of your operations.

Adding a compact case erector like the WCE to your packaging line can ease you into automation, and save you time and money in the long run. The initial investment into this kind of automation is often quickly offset by the efficiency it provides, making it accessible for companies of all sizes.


Affordable and Durable

The WCE comes with the versatility and features required to meet many applications. This economical machine is built with the high-quality construction that has always given Wayne equipment the competitive edge. With this compact case erector, any production facility can obtain many of the same high-speed packing benefits as the more expensive models.

We like to ensure all our recommendations are the perfect fit for our customer’s specific application, so for pricing information on the WCE, please contact us for a quote.

Both Tape and Hot Melt models are available.


Industry-Best Service

While we aspire to build machines that operate at 100% capacity all of the time, problems can still occur. Wayne Automation has a team of experienced technicians to support your maintenance cycles, planned upgrades, or emergency service. Our partners can call service directly at 610-630-8900 or send in a service request anytime. With our superior customer care and support, we work to maintain and improve your operational efficiency through:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Exceptional Safety
  • Uniform Output


Adaptable yet Reliable

Consistent packing ensures your products are delivered securely and professionally to your customers. However, you may need different packaging types to meet your customers’ needs. No problem. Wayne’s WCE compact case erector can produce different types of cases:

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
Half Slotted Container (HSC)
All Flap Meet (AFM)/Center Special Slotted Container (CSSC)

If you also need partitions to package your products securely, take a look at Wayne’s line of Partition Inserters or any other related products below.



• Speeds up to 35 cpm
• Compact Footprint
• Easy Load Magazine
• Lexan® Safety Door System
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• All-Mechanical Motion
• Extensive Range of Case Sizes
• Quick, Easy Changeover


• AB MicroLogix™ with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• ITW Dynamini™ Hot Melt Glue System
• Dekka Tape Head for 2” or 3” Tape




Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

CSD Copackers Slashes Labor Costs

CSD Copackers, a small contract packer for soda pop and syrup, incorporated a Wayne Automation case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and case sealer into their process, saving space and labor while improving conditions for employees and customers.


End of line packaging processes were done by hand, including erecting boxes, partitions, and sealing boxes.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and hot-melt glue case-sealer.


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