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CE-24/30 SPI Case Erector

The Wayne Automation CE-24/30 Case Erector has been designed to satisfy the need for an automatic case former capable of making jumbo-sized cases with interlocking bottoms.

CE-24/30 SPI Case Erector

Jumbo case erecting.


Jumbo cases, interlocking bottoms

This special applications case erecting machine accommodates interlocking bottom styles with finished case dimensions in RSC format up to 30” long x 24” wide x 20” high and HSC up to 30” long x 24” wide x 42” high. The machine can erect new or reused cartons at speeds up to 8 cases per minute.

Simple, small, and reliable

The case erector utilizes a small footprint, only occupying an 8′ wide by 12′ long space. The cases are fed easily into the system via the elevator-style magazine ready to accept knockdowns on either pallets or pull sheets.

An Allen Bradley microprocessor with color touch screen HMI controls the machine. Changeovers are accomplished without tools, and adjustments include stops and scaling to ensure consistent and repeatable setups.

Ease of maintenance

With available Total Planned Maintenance (TPM), maintenance tasks are displayed on the operator interface. Available lubrication packages allow you to fully automate grease and pneumatic system lubrication for a truly hands-off experience. Recurring maintenance tasks are displayed on the Allen Bradley color touch screen HMI.


Safety is a top priority. That is why every CE-24/30SPI Case Erector comes standard with Lexan guard doors connected to Allen Bradley anti-intrusion switches and remote mounted E-Stops.


Interlocking Bottom, Snap or 1-2-3-Bottom Container (ALB)



• Speeds to 8 cpm
• Uplift Magazine Handles Pallets or Slip Sheets
• Accepts Recycled / Reused Cases
• Small Footprint
• Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System
• Rugged MIG Welded Rectangular Steel Frame
• Handles Large Interlocking Bottom Cases in RSC or HSC
• Quick and Easy Changeover


• AB MicroLogix™ with PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI




Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

Wayne Packaging Equipment Service Allows Altstadt Brewery to Excel

When Altstadt Brewing needed service for their Wayne machine, Wayne’s packaging equipment service allowed this brewery to increase efficiency and reduce errors.


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