Find The Best Case Erector for Improving Your End-of-Line Process

Getting Started with Case Erectors

If this is the first time you’re stepping into the world of automatic case erectors, it can be a little overwhelming. There is a mountain of information about the machines, and no shortage of opinions being shared on which one to choose for your business’s packaging.

Even if you’ve already invested time researching the different options, you may not be ready to make a decision due to any number of factors.

To help you figure some of this out while you’re doing your due diligence, here are 5 simple steps to determining the best case erector for your business.

1. Understand What Case Erectors Do

If you’re still making your packaging by hand, then you know that it’s very difficult to achieve both speed and consistency on the production line. Case erectors are designed to help optimize your end-of-line process by boxing products quickly and consistently.

All case erectors build boxes. However, not all case and carton erectors are equal. When you’re trying to choose the best automatic box erector for your packing process, you not only need to consider which one is the most efficient overall, but also which one can handle the specific packaging material you have to work with. Many case erector manufacturers can simply offer you a good machine. At Wayne, we like to understand what you’re trying to achieve so we can work with you to make the best box erector recommendation for your business.

If your business is currently producing a large volume of product to ship to customers, then you already know that a reliable, heavy-duty, case erector machine is essential. You also probably know that searching for “case erecting equipment” can generate a staggering number of results. While you may have a good grasp on the capabilities of these machines, the major challenge is finding the best case erector for your unique situation. Regardless of whether you need a Regular Slotted Container (RSC), Full Overlap, or All Flaps Meet type case, Wayne Automation can guide you on selecting the best machine for your business.

2. Assess Where Your Business Is

For those just beginning to research a fully automated packaging solution, you may want to spend some time looking at Wayne’s full line of automatic packaging equipment. Once you know what kind of box style you need and the kind of throughput you need, then it’s easier to decide what kind of equipment you will need to finalize your products’ packaging.

Maybe you’ve already invested heavily into automating your end-of-line processes, but you’re not experiencing the level of savings and improvements you expected. Alternatively, maybe you’re scaling so rapidly that your initial installation of an automatic cardboard box case erector is no longer capable of keeping up with demand. It might also just be time to replace your equipment after years of day-in, day-out use. Whatever the reason you’re in the market for new machines, you’ll still want the best case erector for your business.

3. Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

A solid, neatly packaged product delivered to your customer will make them much happier than receiving one delivered in a shabby-looking box. But how can you ensure that you’re sending a well-packaged product to your customer every time? The answer is simple: get a good box erector machine.

If you’re new to this process, somewhat familiar, or even a long-time pro, here are some key questions you can always ask to help make the best possible choice:

  1. How much inventory does my business move in a given day?
  2. How many cases a day does my business need to erect?
  3. How many different case sizes does my business use?
  4. Do I need a uniform case erector (consistently handling one size of package), OR does a random case erector (capable of self-adjusting to different sizes) make sense?
  5. How much space does my facility have to accommodate an automatic case erector?
  6. Do I need or want machine operators involved with semi-automatic erectors at any stage of my end-of-line process, or will fully automatic case erectors suit my situation?
  7. What machines will my business’s automation budget allow me to buy?

Taking a couple moments to look at where you are and plan where you want to go will be extremely helpful in the research phase of your purchase. Even though this is only one seemingly small step in the process, failing to plan at this stage practically guarantees that you’ll fail at a later and more crucial stage in the process: Satisfying your customer.

4. Take a Look at the Features & Benefits of Wayne Case Erectors


No matter what your process demands, Wayne can provide a powerful solution. From the WLRV-CE Automatic Case Erector’s automatic changeover to the VCE Case Erector’s 75 cpm maximum speed, we guarantee you’ll find the right fit for your process in our lineup.

We also offer economical, compact models for small outfits looking to enhance their end-of-line processes. And because virtually all our models accommodate Half-Slotted Container (HSC), Regular Slotted Container (RSC), and All Flaps Meet box styles, you never need to compromise packaging quality for efficiency.


Each second your products sit on the processing line not being packaged is money being lost. Wayne machines are built to minimize downtime and maximize savings. Nearly all Wayne case erector models can reach speeds of well over 30 cpm. This rate allows you to achieve and sustain high volumes of packaging in all your processes.

Our devotion to speed and efficiency doesn’t stop there. We designed the Automated Magazine Loader (AML) for manufacturers who need to load their case erecting magazines frequently and rapidly to keep pace with production rates.

Finally, our machines offer simple, tool-free changeover, simplifying your process and saving you additional time and resources.

Safety and Reliability

Wayne customers know that when they buy one of our machines, they’re making a long-term investment in their packing process and their workers. Our box erectors are safe and sturdy. They include LEXAN®️ Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches to ensure operator safety. Additionally, our rugged designs extend equipment life and reduce maintenance This keeps the amount of materials flowing through your process consistently high—and high-quality.

5. See How Other Have Benefited from Wayne Case Erectors



Years Of experience

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Automate with Us!

Do you want to know more about how Wayne Automation case erectors can benefit your end-of-line process? Click here to download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Case Erectors. And if you have more questions about our machines and our service, contact us to discuss the best case erectors for your packaging process.

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