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TR-50X Trayformer

The Wayne Automation TR-50X Tray Former provides industry leading high-speed tray forming capabilities. The TR-50X corrugated tray former can function at speeds of up to 50 trays per minute while maintaining the consistent and reliable operation that is integral to every Wayne Automation machine.

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TR-50X Trayformer

Exceptional Performance For Baking Applications

The TR-50X is a corrugated tray former specifically designed and built for rapidly producing bakeable cardboard trays or corrugated baking trays appropriate for bakeries, pâtisseries, or confectionery shops.

For Businesses Using a LOT of Bakeable Cardboard Trays

When packaging becomes a priority

Matcha blondie with mixed nuts
Businesses that depend on reliable packaging to get products to their customers will undoubtedly make their end-of-line process a high priority.

You may already be facing a situation where your packaging efficiency is low, or you may be humming along at a good pace and are now interested in seeing other options.

Regardless of your situation, if packaging plays a big part in your business operations, then an automated corrugated tray former can definitely benefit your business.

When sustainability is important

Innovative Fiber logoTo help make our corrugated baking tray machines even better, we have formed an exciting new partnership with Innovative Fiber to develop quality packaging solutions that focus on performance and sustainability for food packaging.

Unlike aluminum, foam, plastic, and other non-biodegradable food trays, our joint solution enables food producers to use eco-friendly baking trays and products, such as CorrBake™ and CorrFresh™, as part of their end of line processing. Together, Wayne Automation and Innovative Fiber can help you create a solution for your consumable goods that’s economical, customizable, and sustainable.

When savings are critical

If you aren’t using an automated food packing machine, then you’re potentially missing out on multiple levels of savings by reducing labor (as labor costs rise) and increasing efficiencies (as material costs also rise).

Once you incorporate automation on the packaging line, you no longer have to allocate workers to the packaging process. This allows you to invest labor into other areas, such as mixing up new products or preparing finished items for shipping.

Even if you have already incorporated automation for assembling your cardboard baking pans or corrugated baking sheets, you still may be missing out on some advantages by not employing the best solution for your specific business.

5 Other Things to Consider When Automating

Close up of a worker picking up stacks of folded cardboard boxes from a bigger stack in storage room.

When you’re choosing a high-speed corrugated tray former for your packing process, you should consider not only the speed, but also how well a given machine will handle the material you have to work with.

The most effective end-of-line packaging processes prepare products for shipping with *both* maximum efficiency and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

If you intend to scale in today’s demanding market, there is more than just the hardware itself to include in your evaluations. Here are the top five factors to consider:

  1. Speed – As you transition into automated packaging for disposable cake trays or disposable oven trays, you must consider how quickly you can alter your packaging line to a new form factor. Let’s say you want to package something special for the holidays, and you need to make a quick change. We can help with that. All our products feature tool-free adjustment. We even provide the option for fully automatic changeover between different preset products.
  2. Simplicity – The last thing you need is for your automated system to be awkward and difficult to control. Our erectors, inserters, sealers, and tray formers are controlled by Allen Bradley microelectronics. These include automatic cutoff switches and a high-definition touchscreen input where all the controls are consolidated. This makes it easy for operators to keep your products moving smoothly down the line.
  3. Safety – We have considered the safety of your personnel at every step of our designs. Our machines feature rotary brakes to completely lock the system during maintenance. Also, regular maintenance tasks are displayed through the Total Planned Maintenance (TPM) option on the touchscreen as an available upgrade.
  4. Supplies – When you factor in ALL of the printing and packaging costs (seals, labels, trays, case boxes, etc.), it is possible that the material to store and ship your product can exceed the cost of making the goodies. You will want a reliable system to calculate the supplies to efficiently package and distribute your products so that there is little to no waste at any step in the process.
  5. Space – When you integrate automation, you are initiating the power to do more. Naturally, there will be an initial need to allocate physical space to integrate your tray former machine. However, you should immediately consider the follow-up phases for when your operations scale. From the start, it’s helpful to envision how you will handle the additional physical requirements to package your products once your increased sales demand a larger inventory.



• Hot Melt Glue Tray Forming
• Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System
• Mechanical Motion Magazine Pick-and-Place and Tray Transporter
• Quick and Easy Changeover


• Speeds Up to 50 Trays Per Minute
• Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ and PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Nordson Hot Melt Glue System




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Wayne Brings Efficiency and Reliability to Candy and Confections

Even the pros sometimes have the wrong equipment. For one of our clients, a nationally known candy and confectionery manufacturer, they understood this situation all too well. When they needed to expand a current packaging line, their senior packaging engineer recalled his experience of working with Wayne, and decided to make the call.


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