CPT-25 Corner Post Tray Former

Rugged display trays to highlight and protect your product.


The Wayne Automation CPT-25 Corner Post Tray Former is the choice for forming your stackable display trays. The CPT-25 can produce trays in a variety styles at speeds up to 25 trays per minute.

Stacking up to the challenge

The Wayne Automation CPT-25 Corner Post Trayformer excels at making precision display trays. The machine positively handles and controls the paper through 100% of the process – from magazine pick through discharge of the finished tray. The machine produces trays with folded corners that are precision formed, not rolled, yielding a dimensionally accurate, rigid, and strong display tray that will give you confidence your product is protected even when stacked many layers deep.

Multiple corner post tray styles

The CPT-25 gives you the flexibility to select the corner post tray that best suits your needs. Triangular corner post, laminated side panels, or rectangular corner posts – you choose the style that suits your product. Changeover between tray styles is performed quickly and easily through clearly marked and scaled adjustments and quick change forming mandrels.

Safety, designed in

The CPT-25 Corner Post Tray Former is equipped with Lexan guard doors around the machine equipped and Allen Bradley anti-intrusion switches. This guard package gives the operator a clear and unobstructed view of the machine operation while providing a safe operating environment. The vertical forming head includes Amlok rod clamp safety system fixing the position of the forming head when the machine is stopped or entered, ensuring a safe environment. Remote emergency and cycle stop stations are located around the machine for quick and easy access.


Triangular Corner Post
Laminated Side Panel Corner
Rectangular Corner Post



• Speeds Up to 25 Corner Post Trays Per Minute
• Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System
• Quick and Easy Changeover


• Allen Bradley PLC and PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
• Nordson Hot Melt Glue System




Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

Devils Backbone Brewery Chooses Wayne Equipment for their Packaging Line

This growing East Coast brewery located near Richmond chose responsive, local machine builders and vendors familiar with their lines of equipment.

Scalable Packaging

Wayne Helped Devils Backbone Grow from a 30 to 120 barrel brewery.

Local Support

Going with a local supplier for their packaging needs meant Devils Brewery had responsive service they could count on.


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