Wayne Automation Tray Formers At a Glance

A Comprehensive Line of Tray Erectors for Any Application

When automating your process, you don’t want to make compromises based on the limitations of your equipment. Quality end-of-line packaging equipment should fit seamlessly into your process, not force you to design around it. At Wayne Automation, we engineer our machines to be the perfect match for any application. That’s why our line of automatic tray formers delivers performance for all tray types, all sizes, and all use cases .

Our different models are optimized to a wide variety of different needs. Whether your process demands unmatched speed, unconventional tray types, or peerless design flexibility, Wayne has solutions. Manufacturers can even select laminated and leak-proof trays for transporting food or liquid goods. It’s the combination of incredible variety and unparalleled performance that makes our company the first choice for a wide range of industries.

Wayne Automation also puts a premium on operator ease and safety. Color touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMIs) make control simple and seamless, and redundant safety features keep workers protected around fast-moving machines. There’s a reason we’re told time and time again that workers love our machines; Wayne Tray Formers make the job safe and efficient, while delivering incredible quality. Read below to learn more about our industry-leading packaging systems.

Wayne Automation Tray Formers At a Glance

HighlightsHigh speed mechanical-motion tray forming
SpeedUp to 50/min
Tray Styles Handled:Side Slotted Trays, End Slotted Trays, Single Top Flap Tray, Outside Flap Tray, Side Seal (In/Out) Tray, End Seal (In/Out) Tray, Leak Proof Tray, One-Piece Telescoping Tray, Two-Piece Full Telescoping Tray, Triple Ended Tray, Tray with Flaps, Side Flange Tray, Economy Tray, Lids
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HighlightsModular tray forming system which can be integrated with a tray packing module
SpeedUp to 25/min
Tray Styles Handled:8-Sided Tray Styles, End and Side Slot Trays, Fold-Over Interlocking Tray Styles
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HighlightsHigh-speed trayformer for fold-over interlocking tray styles
SpeedUp to 60/min
Tray Styles Handled:Two-Sided Fold-Over Interlocking Trays, Three-Sided Fold-Over Interlocking Trays, Stadium Style Fold-Over Interlocking Trays, Tray and Lid Fold-Over Interlocking Trays
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HighlightsTray formers for pallet-sized jumbo trays
SpeedUp to 10/min
Tray Styles Handled:Trays with Glued Corners
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HighlightsUnique capabilities to also form rectangular corners
SpeedUp to 25/min
Tray Styles Handled:Rectangular Corner Post Trays, Triangular Corner Post Trays, Laminated Side Panel Trays
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Wayne corrugated tray formers deliver powerful solutions for manufacturers looking to enhance their end-of-line processes. The TR-50 Trayformer is capable of assembling over 15 unique tray styles at up to 55 trays per minute, allowing you to choose the best packaging for your process every time. This makes this model the ideal choice for performance-minded packers large and small.

Alternatively, Wayne’s WR-25TR Tray Former is a model optimized for flexibility and size efficiency. A modular system allows manufacturers to incorporate a tray-packing module into a smaller footprint, all while handling both glue and fold-over interlocking (FOIL) trays. Assembling up to 25 trays per minute, the model is the ideal choice for small operations looking to enhance their process with limited space.

For manufacturers needing to pack their product in less conventional sizes and shapes, Wayne has answers too. The CPT-25 Corner Post Trayformer provides precision folding and handling for display trays, with custom mandrels for different post types depending on your needs. Wayne’s JTF-10 Trayformer incorporates a pallet handling system into the design, accommodating the needs of extra large trays.

Whatever your application, Wayne Automation has an automatic tray former that exceeds expectations.


Wayne machines are not only versatile, they are also highly efficient. Even complex, unusual tray shapes can be produced at 50 trays per minute. The ability to handle bulk units of unfolded trays means less storage use, less downtime, and a better environment for operators. Finally, our machines offer simple, tool-free changeover, simplifying the process, and saving valuable time and resources.

Safe & Reliable

Wayne customers know that when they buy one of our machines, they are making a long-term investment in their process and their workers. Our tray former machines are safe and sturdy, including Lexan® Safety Doors with Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches to ensure operator safety. Additionally, our ruggedized designs extend equipment life and reduce maintenance, keeping your process throughput high.



Want to learn more about the amazing benefits of Wayne Automation tray erectors? Schedule a demo today! If you have more questions about our machines and service, contact us 24/7 to discuss how we can benefit your end-of-line process!

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