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BCI Basket Carrier Erector / Inserter

The Wayne Automation BCI Basket Carrier Erector / Inserter has ushered in a new era of beverage carrier handling. For the first time, you can erect and insert your 4- or 6-pack carriers from a single, compact platform at speeds up to 30 cases per minute.

BCI Basket Carrier Erector / Inserter

The new standard in beverage carrier handling.


One compact footprint

The Wayne Automation BCI has smashed the convention that the beverage carrier section of your line requires many machines consuming large portions of your floor space. This machine was designed from the outset to provide the carrier opening and erecting function on the same compact frame as the case insertion function. The compact footprint of the BCI requires only 22 feet of line space. The in-line magazine sits over the case conveyor allowing the machine to be less than five feet in width, and facilitates loading and operation from either side of the machine.

When your line is running non-beverage carrier products, the BCI has you covered. A built-in bypass function lets you run the included case conveyor without operating the carrier erector or inserter. This eliminates the need to have dedicated bypass conveyors around the machine.

Erect carriers reliably and reduce waste

At the heart of the BCI Basket Carrier Erector / Inserter is an innovative approach to opening and erecting the beverage carriers that greatly reduces waste carriers. The patented opener system erects two simultaneous lines of carriers in the upright position eliminating the need to stand carriers up from their sides and use lane diverters. Any unlatched carriers are detected and rejected, reducing the potential for jams at the inserter station.

The basket carrier inserter head, based on the industry leading Wayne Automation Partition Inserters, uses servo controls to place erected beverage carriers into the case for a consistent and reliable insertion.

Available case inspection and rejection utilizes a vision system to inspect the completed case and reject the case from the product conveyor, preventing any bad cases from impacting your operations downstream.

4-Packs or 6-Packs, all in one machine

The innovative design of the BCI carrier erector section allows for easy adjustment between a wide array of 4-pack or 6-pack sizes. Let Wayne Automation show you the full range of materials that the BCI can handle.

Safety and serviceability are integral to the design

The BCI includes a comprehensive guard package and full-length Lexan doors with anti-intrusion switches. All of the functions of the machine can be readily observed through the guard doors and are fully accessible for easy maintenance. Multiple remote emergency and cycle stop stations are included around the perimeter of the machine for easy access.

The machine includes extensive fault tree logic so issues are easily tracked to the exact location of the problem allowing you to quickly solve the problem and minimize downtime.

The vertical traveling inserter head is equipped with redundant safety systems including a pneumatic rotary brake, rod clamp, and an Allen Bradley Resistive Braking module to ensure completely safe entry into the machine when stopped.


6-Pack Carriers
4-Pack Carriers



• Multiple Speeds Available Up to 30 Cases Per Minute
• Patented*, High-Reliability Carrier Erector
• Unlatched Carrier Sensing and Rejection
• Servo Inserter
• Available Vision System for Case Inspection and Rejection
• 180 Degree Swing HMI Pendant for Operation from Either Side of Machine
• Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System


• Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ and PanelView™ Color touch screen HMI
• Allen Bradley servo motor and controls

*US Patent




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When the company switched to bulk glass, they needed a fast and reliable partition inserter to prepare cases for bottle transfer. Wayne Automation’s top of the line quality and service ensured the process was integrated seamlessly and with minimal downtime.


When switching to bulk glass, this company needed a fast, efficient, and safe process for bottle transfer.


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