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Wayne Automation has been a long-time partner of the beverage industry, providing the best packaging automation equipment available. Always an industry leader in meeting the current needs of the beverage packaging industry, Wayne has developed specialized machines to enhance the end-of-line process of packers large and small. That is why we are proud to present our line of 4 pack and six pack inserters and erectors. Keep reading to learn what makes our approach different, and how your soda or beer carton erecting process can benefit.


A carton erector designed for compact spaces

A common obstacle to automation is finding sufficient space for unwieldy machines. There is no place this is more true than in the hectic environment of a bottling plant. That is why Wayne Automation’s auto case erectors were engineered from the outset to take up as little floor space as possible without sacrificing quality and durability.

  • The WBC Basket Carrier Erector requires only 16 feet of line space, and with an in-line magazine, is less than five feet wide. All this while being capable of 120 carriers per minute, which translates to 30 cases per minute.
  • The BCI Basket Carrier Erector/Inserter integrates case packing into the erecting process, while only requiring 22 feet of line space. Like the WBC, it measures less than five feet in width. In this compact space, the erector/inserter is capable of 30 cases per minute.

This design allows not only easy integration of 4 pack and 6 pack box erectors into your process, but also offers the enhanced convenience of easy flat loading from either side of the machine.

Flexibility in a dynamic environment

Beverage packers and distributors, especially small ones, live and die by their ability to rapidly change lines. Often, this means assembling and packing different sizes and shapes of cartons. Finding a reliable and versatile automatic carrier erector or six pack inserter can be difficult, and that may lead to packers forgoing a valuable automation process. That’s why Wayne carrier erectors are engineered with versatility in mind.

The innovative designs of both the WBC and BCI carrier erectors allow for easy adjustment between a wide array of sizes. The machines can be configured to open large or small carriers, 187mL or 12oz, 4-pack or 6-pack. To facilitate rapid changeovers and product setups, the machine includes scaling and numbered changeover points, as well as an automatic slow speed jog function, facilitating easy confirmation and troubleshooting of the mechanical setup.

Detailed engineering for an incredibly reliable machine

Our machines utilize an innovative system to reduce waste carries while also integrating advanced validation systems to ensure bad cartons don’t get through. Wayne’s patented opener system erects lines of carriers simultaneously in the upright position, eliminating the need to use lane diverters. The BCI Basket Carrier Inserter head uses the same advanced servo controls as our partition inserters, placing erected beverage carriers into the case for a consistent and reliable insertion.

Validation occurs at multiple steps throughout the assembly process, ensuring only good cases get through. In the automatic six pack case erector, any unlatched carriers are detected and rejected, reducing the potential for jams at the inserter station. In the BCI, a visual case inspection and rejection system is available, allowing automatic rejection of bad cases from the product conveyor, and preventing impact on your operations downstream.

Safe, operator-friendly 4 pack and 6 pack box erectors

Like all Wayne products, our six pack inserters are engineered with the operator in mind. This means an array of features designed to make operations as smooth as possible, all while maintaining a high degree of safety. The auto basket carrier erectors come with polycarbonate safety doors with Bradley-Allen anti-intrusion switches for an added layer of safety.

Multiple remote emergency and cycle stop stations are included around the perimeter of the machine for easy access. Operators can easily observe all functions of the machine during production, and control is easy with a full color touch screen and HMI. Even maintenance is easy, vital components being fully accessible to technicians.

Additionally, we offer incredible support, with part quotes, upgrade requests, and service questions ready to be answered 24/7 by our sales engineers. Altogether, Wayne delivers an unparalleled benefit to the end-of-line process for beverage packers and their employees.

There’s so much to cover with case erectors, so we compiled all the need-to-know information into this convenient eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Case Erectors. Get your free copy today!


To learn more about Wayne Automation, our machines, and our service, contact us any time 24/7 to discuss how we can benefit your end-of-line process!



Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

CSD Copackers Slashes Labor Costs

CSD Copackers, a small contract packer for soda pop and syrup, incorporated a Wayne Automation case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and case sealer into their process, saving space and labor while improving conditions for employees and customers.


End of line packaging processes were done by hand, including erecting boxes, partitions, and sealing boxes.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and hot-melt glue case-sealer.

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