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AML Automated Magazine Loader

Wayne’s Fully Automated Magazine Loader is designed for manufacturers with the need to load their case erecting magazines frequently to keep pace with the speed of the required production rates. Many of our customers are constantly moving pallets of paper materials to the case erector to maintain the required supply. The next step is a manual load of the knocked-down cases onto the magazine – a time-consuming laborious task.

AML Automated Magazine Loader

Automates the Loading of Cases onto Case Erector Magazines.


The Wayne Automated Loader is a servo driven mechanical device which outperforms Robotic solutions and is less complicated to operate and maintain. It utilizes Ladder Logix based Rockwell Controls for a less complex operational environment. It has a significantly smaller footprint thus making it more conducive to today’s manufacturing space requirements. It has the capability to incorporate staging conveyors supporting long unattended operation.

Flexibility to address today’s and future requirements

The challenge many manufacturers encounter is keeping the packaging operations running smoothly without interruption. The Wayne Automated Loader enables quick changeovers of case sizes, utilizing recipe selections from its HMI. Hence, it can keep the operation functioning as the case erector changeover occurs. Additionally, it functions with delivery of material in stacks without the need for pallets thus reducing material shipping costs and the need to handle empty pallets.

Better utilization of labor and floor space

Keeping machine operator labor focused on maintaining high operational efficiencies delivers the required production rates. Performing the function of manually loading cases on the machines magazine interrupts the operator’s focus to maintain machine efficiencies. Also, loading cases onto machine magazines is physically challenging which presents the risk of employee work related injuries. Finally, the use of precious floor space is significantly less than alternative robotic solutions. The Wayne Automated Loader will attach to your erecting machine without the need of extra area for protective caging.

The Wayne Automated Magazine Loader delivers Value

The system has been designed to tightly integrate with various Case Erectors and is ideally suited to load cases onto Wayne’s WLRV-CE Automatic Case Erector and the High-Speed VCE Vertical Case Erector.




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Wayne Steps In To Save The Day

Learn how Wayne Automation turned Ainsley Warehouse’s second-hand horror story into an incredible success with above-and-beyond service. Discover the power of the Wayne approach through one company’s search for a high-quality case erector.


Ainsley Warehouse wanted a Wayne basket carrier erector, but a bad deal left them with an unusable second-hand machine.


Wayne stepped in, helping Ainsley repair the machine and going above and beyond to ensure the facility had the resources they needed.


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