Our Automatic Case Erectors Can Benefit Your End-of-Line Process

Wayne Automation Case Erectors At a Glance

Fully Automatic Changeover
WLRV-CE Case Erector machineWLRV-CE Case ErectorWide range of case sizes, precision servo operationUp to 35 cpmHSC, RSC Right-Hand and Left-Hand CasesHot Melt Glue
Compact Footprint
WMCE Vertical Case Erector machineWMCE Vertical Case ErectorVertical case discharge, affordableUp to 20 cpmHSC, RSC, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue
WCE Case Erector machineWCE Case ErectorsAffordable, quick deliveryUp to 30 to 35 cpmHSC, RSC, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue, Tape
Maximum Versatility
MOD B Case Erector machineMOD B Case ErectorsServo-enhancedUp to 40 cpmHSC, RSC, Tablock, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue, Tape
Maximum Speed
VCE Case Erector machineVCE Case ErectorVertical case dischargeUp to 75 cpmHSC, RSC, All Flaps MeetHot Melt Glue
Specialty Applications
CE-20/30 Case Erector machineCE-20/30 Case ErectorOversized casesUp to 35 cpmHSC, RSC, AFM, TablockHot Melt Glue, Tape
CE-24/30 Case Erector machineCE-24/30 Case ErectorJumbo cases with interlocking bottomsUp to 8 cpmRSC or HSC with Interlocking Bottom FlapsInterlocked Flaps
Tablock Case Erector machineTablock Case ErectorsVarious models and speeds availableUp to 40 cpmTablockHot Melt Glue, Tape

What Kind of Case Erector Does Your Business Need?

Automation isn’t the only way, but it’s often the best way

We can admit that simply automating an area of your business operations doesn’t always make it better. Every business has different requirements. Sometimes “doing it the way we’ve always done it” is honestly a good way to go. However, in other instances, automating can and does make a business run much better.

See how CSD Copackers went from a clunky manual packaging system to a smoothly operating automated packaging system by partnering with Wayne Automation. Read Story ->

When packaging becomes a priority

Businesses that depend on reliable packaging to get products to their customers will undoubtedly make their end-of-line process a high priority. You may already be facing a situation where your packaging efficiency is low, or you may be humming along at a good pace and just interested in looking at other options you may have. Regardless of your situation, if packaging plays a big part in your business operations, then an automatic case erector can definitely benefit your business.

If you aren’t using an automatic box erector, then you’re potentially missing out on multiple levels of savings by reducing labor (as labor costs rise) and increasing efficiencies (as material costs also rise). If you are already using a case erector, you still may be missing out on some advantages by not employing the best case erector for your business.

Researching Case Erectors? Here are 3 Questions to Ask before You Buy

When it comes to secondary packaging, we are confident that Wayne Automation’s case erectors can provide you with the competitive edge to not only keep up in today’s challenging business environment, but also safely scale your business without running up exorbitant costs.

Even though the benefits of investing in a case erector may be clear, you may still have some questions. Here are three we get frequently:

1. What kind of case erecting equipment do I really need?

A Wayne Automation WLRV-CE Case ErectorWayne Automation offers a number of automatic cardboard box case erectors, each capable of achieving exceptional efficiency while maintaining exceptional quality.

Large volume manufacturers and distributors are more likely to be looking for a high speed/high volume automated packaging solution. We can help achieve whatever rigorous packaging requirements you may need to meet your yield goals.

For businesses in the start up phase of their development and needing more compact, cost-effective machinery, we offer case erecting equipment that can be adjusted to fill the need of whatever your company demands.

All of our box erector machines positively affect the bottom line by condensing the steps in the packaging line; first, by being consistent in how they shape the material into boxes, and then by completing the boxing process with a high-quality hot melt glue or tape.

2. Where could I set up a case erecting machine?

Close-up view of large case erector from Wayne Automation, several flat cardboard boxes in distance awaiting assembly. Improved efficiency may play an important role in your decision to invest in automation. However, as you look around your existing warehouse or property, the question of *where* to put an automatic case erector could be a bigger issue. This is especially true if you ship out numerous products that are different sizes.

Even if your packaging requires a simple changeover to accommodate the size change, that one adjustment could quickly compound into several more changes escalating into a complicated procedure. The cost to accommodate all the switching back and forth can not only increase downtime and stall productivity, but the extra space needed to store additional machinery and raw materials can become an issue, too.

Time and space are crucial when deciding to automate. Fortunately, at Wayne Automation, we can offer solutions with fully automatic changeovers and flexibility to reduce the amount of downtime and footprint needed to keep your products quickly moving down the packaging line.

See how Sierra Nevada Brewing was able to overcome the need for redundant case erectors by partnering with Wayne Automation. Read Story ->

3. How will automation impact my workers’ safety?

Wayne’s partners have come to appreciate that by investing in one of our case erector machines, they’re helping to improve their packing process and their work environment.

Every carton erector machine and every case top sealer we produce is made with LEXAN® Safety Doors and Allen Bradley Anti-Intrusion Switches allowing you full visuals of the machine’s operation. While we take pride in the strong exterior and robust technology of our machines, we’re always looking at ensuring a safe environment for your people and your workplace.

How Our Automatic Case Erectors Can Benefit Your End-of-Line Process

Speed it up and ship it out… with care.

All case erectors build boxes, but not all case erector manufacturers are equal. When you’re choosing a high-speed case erector for your packing process, you should consider not only the speed but also how well a given machine will handle the material you have to work with. The most effective end-of-line packaging processes prepare products for shipping with *both* maximum efficiency and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Wayne Automation makes fast and reliable end-of-line process achievable with our wide range of automatic case erectors and other packaging machines.

Reliable service producing quality results.

Case erecting equipment from Wayne Automation is powerful and flexible enough to fit any company’s packing process perfectly. We design and optimize our equipment to deliver a variety of benefits:

Large case erector from Wayne Automation sits on warehouse floor, assembling a high volume of corrugated boxes.

  • Robust and reliable speed
    Keeping your packaging system moving as efficiently as possible, nearly all Wayne case erectors can handle high volumes 30 cases per minute (cpm) or more.
  • Seamless changeover of case sizes
    Enabling you to respond to shifting packing priorities in less time and with less material waste.
  • Compact footprint of machinery
    Bringing world-class engineering into your operation even when space is at a premium.
  • Integral attention to operator ease and safety
    Equipping workers with simple and seamless color touch screen Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and auxiliary safety features to keep them protected around fast-moving erector machines.
  • Specialized equipment options
    Providing even more packing solutions to manufacturers by allowing you to select specialty models for oversize and tablock cases.

For these reasons and more, customers tell us time and again they choose and trust case erectors from Wayne Automation.

Efficient, dependable, safe, and consistently delivering quality results, our machines have become the packaging equipment of choice across several industries.

Customer Stories


Years Of experience

// Beverage Packaging

CSD Copackers Slashes Labor Costs

CSD Copackers, a small contract packer for soda pop and syrup, incorporated a Wayne Automation case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and case sealer into their process, saving space and labor while improving conditions for employees and customers.


End of line packaging processes were done by hand, including erecting boxes, partitions, and sealing boxes.


Wayne Automation built and installed a case erector, 4/6 pack carrier inserter, and hot-melt glue case-sealer.

Let us help you design your custom process.

Wayne Automation has partnered with many companies in the Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petroleum, and Household/Personal Care Products industries. To learn more about us, our machines, our service, and how our case erectors can be used to support your business, contact us today!

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