How Quality Packaging Equipment Can Make or Break Your Sales This Year

How Quality Packaging Equipment Can Make or Break Your Sales This Year

Why Quality Packaging Equipment is so Important

Let’s do a quick survey.

Take a look at the two boxes below.

Based on appearances alone, which one would you choose? A or B?


It’s a pretty safe guess that you would choose package “B”.

Most people make purchasing decisions based on outer packaging. Even though we’re frequently told not to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that the outside matters (maybe even more than the inside). At least, that’s the case when it comes to buying products.

Not only will people predictably choose a product with a nice looking exterior, they will often proactively form a negative opinion about products that have a bad appearance.

Even more damaging, once someone forms a negative opinion about something, studies have shown that a person will hold on to that negative opinion indefinitely.

From the outset, quality packaging is vitally important. One, it can increase the statistical likelihood of someone buying your product. Two, it can reduce the chances of someone forming an unchangeable negative opinion about your product—before they even try it!

Maintaining a Good Looking Product

Consumers clearly value product packaging, so it’s in a business’s best interest to preserve their product’s appearance. In regards to maintaining good product packaging, a good quality case can only be made by a good quality machine.

To positively impact your sales numbers, you must make your packaging a top priority. Cracked bottles, scratched labels, or dented containers all present poorly. If that’s a persistent problem, then that will add up to a bad reputation for your business.

A good quality case will protect your products and preserve their aesthetics of your products, which will influence your sales. Choosing a good machine that can construct an attractive, sturdy box for your products is essential.

When Packaging Goes Wrong

Young adult customer unpacking a cardboard box and upset about a damaged item.

If your business is growing and you are at a point where you are considering a new automated case erector or partition inserter, choose carefully. There are many advantages of packaging with an automated solution, but there are also some disadvantages of packaging with automation.

One disadvantage is investing in an automated packing machine unable to make good cases consistently. Trying to pack your products in irregularly constructed boxes will not produce desirable results. To maintain the integrity of your product (and your brand), your merchandise must consistently arrive in crisp, clean, quality packaging.

Additionally, with inferior packaging equipment you may face loss of revenue due to slow or low production. A second-rate machine may even ruin the product it’s supposed to protect. Clearly, automation by itself is not a complete solution. It must be the right automated solution.

All the forethought, scoping, and execution that went into developing your product can all be undone if the final packaging is haphazard. This will not help you, but rather sabotage your efforts to achieve success.

When Packaging Goes Right

With reliable end-of-line automation, you can not only meet objectives, you can begin to dream big, and even start outperforming what was planned.

We’ve seen firsthand the efficiencies you can gain with any of our packaging machines. Still, we know that no one device can solve all of your business problems. There are many obstacles to overcome when competing in any market. That’s why we will partner with you to confidently package your product, and quickly ship it to its final destination.

With greater levels of speed and efficiency delivered by your end-of-line packaging automation, you’ll soon be pursuing greater success in other areas of your business,and have the momentum to achieve it.

Many other businesses from different industries have prospered after partnering with us. Look at how Wayne has helped these businesses achieve success with our quality, reliable machines.

Wayne Automation Is Here For You

Wayne is particularly well suited to partner with companies looking to grow. We offer several quality packaging machines such as case erectors and partition inserters. Regardless of what industrial packaging solution you may need, we welcome you to browse through all our product offerings and see what might help you with your goals.

Whether you know you’re ready to move into automation, or if you’re still thinking about it, we will gladly take the time to answer your questions, arrange a plant tour, or set up a product demonstration so you can make the right decision for your company.

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