Creating an Automated Packaging Line With Rockwell Automation

Creating an Automated Packaging Line With Rockwell Automation

At Wayne Automation, we pride ourselves on being the best packaging line automation supplier in the industry. Similar to how we partner with you to make your automated packaging line run efficiently, our collaborations with other providers help us deliver the best packaging automation solutions possible.

One trusted partner Wayne works with to help stay ahead of the game is Rockwell Automation. Rockwell’s virtual commissioning software enables Wayne to provide faster, more efficient, and more powerful automation integrations.

5 Benefits of Emulate3D and Virtual Commissioning

OEM Magazine noted that small manufacturers often cite flexibility, IIoT, lead times, and cost as significant challenges to implementing automation. One way Wayne and our partners approach how to automate packaging for our clients is to eliminate frustrations—for example, by implementing Rockwell Automation’s Emulate3D software. This technology offers numerous benefits that Wayne Automation can pass on to our customers. Here are five specific examples:

1. Easier Equipment Operation

Wayne Automation utilizes software from Rockwell Automation to make our customers’ automated packaging lines easier to learn, run, and observe. It starts at machine control, which is the baseline in every system. Making that machine operation easier to learn allows our customers to get their operators up to speed in a short amount of time.

2. Simpler Machine Monitoring

A Wayne Automation CAD drawing detailing packaging line automation.Another valuable aspect of incorporating the software from Rockwell Automation is that we can integrate Wayne’s packaging automation solutions directly into our customers’ plant networks. With this integration, customers can monitor what each of their machines is doing at any given time.

By incorporating Rockwell technology, Wayne machines become data hubs allowing you to see everything going on in your factory, which enables you to make quicker and better decisions.

3. Clearer Digital Imaging

Emulate3D is a driving factor in why we value Rockwell as a partner. It allows Wayne Automation to utilize Digital Twin and associated technologies to see how our equipment will run in your facilities. This saves us time and money, which can be passed along to our customers by providing them with powerful packaging line automation equipment at reasonable prices.

A newly assembled Wayne Automation SF-400-B is ready for an automated packaging line. Emulate3D also allows our customers to see machines in a digitally rendered space before purchasing one. This replaces static images that used to be the only way to see a piece of equipment other than an in-person visit.

Rockwell’s OEM Segment Manager Justin Garski touts the value of Emulate3D: “You’ve got a two-dimensional drawing, or maybe it’s a three-dimensional drawing, but it’s never moving, right? It’s never doing the actual job. And so I think, from just a communication standpoint, being able to get things up and running and moving in that virtual space is incredible.”

4. Wider Expert Network

An automated packaging line is a significant investment for most businesses, so it’s equally important that your packaging equipment provider is able to provide all the necessary components for you. In partnering with Rockwell Automation, Wayne does just that for our customers. Rockwell has a vast global distribution network of parts, which makes machine maintenance much easier.

Forbes recently reported, “Next to a safety or environmental mishap, unplanned/unscheduled downtime represents one of the costliest events at any industrial or manufacturing plant.” Piling on to an already costly setback is the time spent waiting for a qualified technician capable of fixing the problem.

If you were to have a malfunctioning machine in Philadelphia, or Munich, or anywhere in between, we can get it up and running again. This is the type of assurance Wayne Automation provides by working with Rockwell Automation. We have essentially created a packaging ecosystem of physical components and digital components that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

5. Better Ecosystem Management

Logo of Rockwell Automation, a Global Leader in industrial automation. Wayne Automation has all the automated packaging line proficiency you need in a partner. Like you, we value having partners with expertise. Rockwell Automation gives us an additional knowledge base we can pass on to our customers.

Any packaging automation solutions you can think up, we can make it happen. With Rockwell, we have access to the latest parts and technology to make your ideal automated packaging line a reality.

Speaking about how the partnership goes beyond just transactional in nature, Garski says, “When you look at the partnership we do, we do things like collaborating at end-user sites, right. So if something pops up, and we need to help, you know, tie things into the system that are up above, we’re able to help through that sort of thing.”

Wherever You Are, We’re Here to Help

Regardless of what industrial packaging solution you need, we welcome you to browse our wide range of automated packaging line equipment and see how we can help you achieve your goals. Then give us a call. We will gladly take the time to answer your questions, arrange a plant tour, or set up a product demonstration so you can make the right decision for your company.

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