Wayne Automation Introduces Virtual Reality Machine Demos

Wayne Automation Introduces Virtual Reality Machine Demos

Packaging Automation Demos Are Getting a Major Upgrade

COVID-19 has introduced new challenges that have changed the way we do business. Travel is now far more difficult, leading conversations to take place through screens instead of in person and presenting a major obstacle to machine demonstration. As a company that values face-to-face interactions with our clients, this posed a problem for Wayne. How can we show new customers the full value of our approach if they can’t be in the room with us?

As experienced innovators with an unmatched dedication to customer service, we knew we could find a solution. That’s why Wayne Automation Virtual Reality product demos are soon becoming a reality. Harnessing exciting new technologies in VR as well as in engineering design, we’ve created a new way for customers to get the complete Wayne experience and more from anywhere in the world. Keep reading to discover what this means for your company.

From Cutting Edge Engineering Design to Innovative Packaging Equipment Demos

Virtual sales demos are a natural extension of the innovative engineering Wayne is already doing. Since late 2018, Wayne automation has been implementing Emulate3D software for virtual product development. This emulation software from Rockwell Automation allows us to test the operational logic of our control systems in a virtual environment, providing physics-based simulation of machine function. As a result, we can obtain highly accurate models of the behavior of machine elements before the physical equipment is produced.

Full CAD models are created in Autodesk Inventor, which are then imported into Emulate3D. These models are then given physical properties, and dynamic and kinematic joints are defined for each mechanism. The models can then be connected directly to a programmable logic controller (PLC), and programmed to run using Ladder Logic, which is the industry standard for programming industrial machinery. This allows for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, meaning the same controllers that run Wayne’s physical machines can be tested on physics-based models in a virtual space.

Altogether, the virtual system helps save time and money, both for us and for our customers. The Emulate3D software allows us to shorten the project’s critical path by commissioning the machine virtually. This helps to reduce the overall testing time, which means a faster, smoother integration for our clients. However, we realized that this technology could be utilized even earlier in the sales process, giving clients unprecedented access to our machines, even from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The Possibilities of Virtual Reality Sales Demos

Oculus Quest 2 units sitting open, displayed in front of a product box in Wayne Automation offices for use in a virtual machine demonstration.Wayne Automation virtual reality machine demos allow us not only to provide a full experience to remote clients, but even to provide a more in-depth explanation of our machinery to visiting clients. We use the Facebook-developed Oculus Quest 2, which is the best wireless VR headset currently available to consumers. In the virtual reality setup, as the user walks into the machine, the CAD model cuts away with a section view, giving users the opportunity to closely study mechanisms that are typically out of reach.

The collaborative capabilities of virtual packaging automation demos also allows us to have multiple users viewing the same model in the same environment at the same time. This means that multiple users from all across the globe can explore the virtually running machine together, and see each other’s avatars. Virtual reality also avoids the safety and logistics issues of presenting to a crowded room. Coming soon, clients can get the full Wayne experience—locally or remotely—and discover the power of our end-of-line automation systems.

Looking Beyond Virtual Product Demonstrations

So far, virtual reality has been an incredible benefit to the Wayne Automation engineering team. It allows us to evaluate designs together as a group, safely and efficiently exploring our machines with granular detail. However, this is just the beginning. We plan to continue expanding our VR capabilities, exploring new ways this exciting technology can assist in:

  • Reviewing and evaluating mechanical designs
  • Testing control logic
  • Assisting with employee training efforts
  • Demonstrating our machinery’s functions to clients—both visiting and remote

Automate with Us

At Wayne, our mission is to ensure your end-of-line automation integration is seamless. Discover the power of our packaging automation equipment by scheduling a virtual sales demo today. To save your spot, or to speak with a sales engineer about how our products can work for your custom manufacturing process, contact us today.

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