Creating an Automated Packaging Line with Rockwell Automation.

Creating an Automated Packaging Line with Rockwell Automation.

At Wayne, we pride ourselves in being the best automation partners for your business. Just as we make your automated packaging line run smoothly, our partnerships with other providers help us deliver the best packaging solutions possible.

Delivering the best automated packaging line equipment to our partners requires us to always be improving and staying on top of new technologies. One of those partners Wayne works with is Rockwell Automation. Read on to learn how Rockwell’s virtual commissioning software lets Wayne provide faster, more efficient, and more powerful automation integrations for our customers.

Emulate3D and the Benefits of Virtual Commissioning

There are numerous ways Rockwell Automation’s Emulate3D software provides benefits that Wayne Automation can then pass onto customers. Here are the five biggest benefits:

Wayne Automation CAD Drawings

Easier Equipment

Wayne Automation utilizes software from Rockwell Automation to make customers’ automated packaging lines easier to learn, run, and observe. It starts at machine control, which is the baseline in all automated packaging lines. Making that machine operation easier to learn allows our customers to get their operators up to speed in a short amount of time. With Rockwell, we can also make our equipment interfaces clean and simple, so the learning curve is smaller, and operation is easier.

Speaking about the partnership between Wayne and Rockwell Automation and the benefits of their technology, OEM Segment Lead Justin Garski at Rockwell says “it’s all enabled by software. And it’s something that Wayne has really embraced.”

Machine Monitoring

Another valuable aspect of incorporating the software from Rockwell Automation is that we can integrate Wayne machines right into our customers’ plant networks. With this integration, customers can monitor what all of their machines are doing at any time of day. With Rockwell, Wayne machines can become data centers that allow you to see everything that is going on in your factory.


Emulate3D is a driving factor in why we value Rockwell as a partner. This software allows Wayne Automation to see how the equipment we design will run in your facilities. This saves us time and money, which we can then transfer to our customers in providing them with equipment they need at the budget they want.

 Wayne Automation SF-400-B

Emulate3D also allows our customers to see machines in the digital space before making a purchase. This replaces static images which used to be the only way to see a piece of equipment other than an in-person visit. Rockwell OEM Segment Lead Justin Garski touts the value of Emulate3D saying, “you’ve got a two dimensional drawing, or maybe it’s a three dimensional drawing, but it’s never moving, right? It’s never doing the actual job. And so I think, you know, from just a communication standpoint, being able to get things up and running and moving in that virtual space is incredible.”

Wayne automation is always working to be an industry leader and our use of Emulate3D demonstrates that, as we are one of the early adopters of this industrial software technology.

An Ecosystem

Automated packaging lines are significant investments for businesses to make, and it is important that your packaging equipment provider is able to bring everything together for you. With Rockwell Automation, Wayne Automation does just that for our customers. Rockwell has a vast global distribution network of parts which makes machine maintenance that much easier.

If you have a machine in Philadelphia or Munich, we are able to get your machines back up and running. That is the kind of convenience Wayne Automation provides to our customers by working with Rockwell Automation. It allows us to essentially create a packaging ecosystem of physical components and digital components that is hard to find elsewhere.

“I would challenge people to find somebody that builds an ecosystem where that core [product] and the digital [aspect] and the software all come together as smooth and as easily ours does.” says Justin Garski.

Double the Expertise

Wayne Automation has all of the automated packaging line expertise you need in a partner. Like you, we also value having partners with expertise. Rockwell Automation gives us an additional wealth of knowledge that we can pass onto our customers. From collaborating at customer sites to integrating systems, Wayne Automation and Rockwell make a great team. Any type of packaging equipment you can think up, we can make it happen. With Rockwell Automation, we have access to the latest parts and technology to make your automated packaging needs a reality.

Speaking about how the partnership between Wayne Automation and Rockwell Automation goes beyond just transactional in nature, Justin Garski says “when you look at the partnership we do, we do things like collaborating at end user sites, right. So if something pops up, and we need to help, you know, tie things into the system that are up above, we’re able to help through that sort of thing.”

Our work with Rockwell Automation helps make us a better packaging equipment provider. This adds value for our customers, as they know that they are getting a top notch packaging equipment provider in Wayne Automation that incorporates the resources and technology of Rockwell Automation. Contact us today to talk about your packaging automation needs.

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