Packaging Machine Jam Issues & Dealing with Non-Optimal Materials

Packaging Machine Jam Issues & Dealing with Non-Optimal Materials

Understanding Box Machine Jams & Dealing with Non-Optimal Materials

If you’ve ever had to deal with a packaging machine jam, you know how frustrating this issue can be. While all packaging machines have the potential to jam, there are a few factors that affect a machine’s likelihood to malfunction.

A stack of cardboard boxes on a Wayne Automation machine.Not all paper is perfect, and machines aren’t always equipped to handle non-optimal materials. The better a machine is built, the more tolerant it will be with the substandard or suboptimal materials that manufacturers might select due to budget or packaging restraints.

Wayne Automation’s packaging machinery is designed to handle suboptimal materials to avoid jams. You don’t need perfect quality materials to excel with our equipment–our machines function just as well on low-quality or even abrasive packaging materials.

Here, we take a closer look at why packaging machines jam, what you can do about it, and how Wayne provides superior machinery to prevent this frustrating problem.

What Causes Machines to Jam?

There are several reasons why packaging machines can jam during the packaging process, including using suboptimal materials, not having the proper alignment within the machine, and using a packaging machine—such as a case erector or tray former—that can’t handle the material you have.

Suboptimal Materials

One common cause of packaging jams is the use of low-quality or damaged paper. When paper is too damp, thin, torn, or curled, it can easily get caught in a machine’s internal mechanisms, leading to a jam. Similarly, paper with rough or irregular edges can cause feeding problems, as can dirty or contaminated materials. Machines that can’t handle non-optimal materials can experience minor damage to major problems over time.

Misalignment or Maladjustment

Another common cause of a packaging machine jam is misalignment. If the material guides within the machine are not properly adjusted, the material may not feed through smoothly, leading to a jam and stoppage in the packaging line. Continual adjustment of paper is inefficient in cases such as these. Additionally, worn or damaged rollers can fail to grip the paper properly. This causes material to slip and jam the machine, which may require replacement rolls.

Using a Machine That Can’t Handle the Material

Not every automated packaging machine is designed to handle every material. For instance, some machines are only designed to work with quality materials, which limits companies in the materials they can use. In addition, machines that can’t handle nonoptimal materials can frequently cause jams and the need for packaging machine troubleshooting.

How Can Packaging Machine Jams be Fixed?

Paper in a Wayne Automation machine.Depending on the specific cause, there are several potential solutions to machine jams. For example, using high-quality, smooth, and straight materials can reduce the likelihood of jams in machines that can’t handle suboptimal materials. In cases such as these, the corrugated cardboard quality you use matters.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning and replacing worn parts, can also help prevent jams caused by misalignment or damaged components. In some cases, adjusting the machine’s material guides or tension settings may be necessary to ensure smooth feeding.

If your packaging equipment continues to cause jams, downtime, and repair costs, it may be worth upgrading to a machine that can handle a range of material qualities.

Wayne Automation Packaging Machinery Is Designed to Handle Suboptimal Materials

A cardboard box goes through a Wayne Automation machine.Wayne Automation provides automated packaging machinery that avoids jams because it can handle a wide range of packaging materials. You don’t need perfect corrugated cardboard quality to use our machines. In fact, they run just as well on imperfect or even abrasive materials.

Unlike other machines that require pristine paper to avoid jams in the packaging process, Wayne machines can run on less-than-ideal paper without sacrificing performance, regardless of the container sizes you’re using.

Our advanced automation machinery is known for its versatility, adaptability, and user-friendly controls. The wide range of materials they can handle makes them an invaluable asset for businesses needing dependable, high-performance packaging solutions. We proudly serve industries packaging bakery products, food products, beverages, petrochemicals, and much more.

At Wayne, we understand that the better a machine is built, the more tolerant it will be with substandard or suboptimal materials. This is where our equipment shines. For those who prioritize reliability and performance, Wayne offers a superior solution for your automated packaging needs.

Discover High-Quality Packaging Machinery With Wayne–Contact Us

You don’t have to be limited by the packaging materials you choose for your automated machinery. Contact Wayne Automation today to explore the perfect solution for your packaging process. We offer a range of equipment to optimize your end-of-line packaging operations no matter what quality materials you use.

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