Why Packaging Inspection System is the Right Choice for Your Business

Why Packaging Inspection System is the Right Choice for Your Business

How Vision Inspection Systems Benefit Manufacturers

Vision Inspection Systems

Here at Wayne Automation, we pride ourselves on providing the complete lineup of systems you need for your packaging applications. From tray folders and case erectors to package inserters and case sealers, we have you covered. Before your products leave for your customers, they must pass inspection, ensuring they have been packaged properly and sealed in accordance with your standards. To ensure your products always leave well packaged, we offer automated packaging inspection systems for your end-of-line processes.

Definition of Packaging Inspection System

A packaging inspection system is a type of visual inspection system that scans each component or package that needs to be inspected so manual inspection is not necessary. Packaging inspection systems can save companies significant time and money, as they streamline the inspection process and eliminate human error for fast and accurate inspection.

The Need for Packaging Inspection Solutions

Fully automated vision inspection systems are needed in a wide range of industries, from brewing to food production to pharmaceutical industry. Any company that has a product or package that requires inspection before leaving the factory can benefit from automated inspection systems to enhance their production process.

Types of Packaging Inspection Systems

We offer two Vision Inspection Systems:

This standalone unit identifies improperly loaded cases to ensure that all cases and the products they contain are properly seated and packed to ensure safe transport. It sends rejected cases off to the side for human inspection and resolution.

This vision inspection system works with a wide range of products and looks for packed cases that are packed incorrectly or have missing packaging, items, or damaged items or packaging. It also inspects for multi-SKU and multi-tier pack validation for a flexible packaging and inspection process.

Benefits of Automated Inspection Systems

Integrated Operations

Our WVI-FC and WVI vision inspection systems seamlessly integrate with other Wayne Automation packaging stages, allowing for an automated handoff of cases and baskets into the inspection test cell. If a case fails inspection, it can be rerouted offline for further evaluation or reloading.

Intelligent Inspection

Wayne vision inspection systems use Cognex’s Insight line of 2D vision inspection cameras, powered by machine learning algorithms. These systems are self-contained and flash a pass/Fail indicator LED while in operation, allowing you to observe the pass rate for your product even without diving into the Cognex software.

Tighter Tolerances

For industries that can work with millions of individual units, tight tolerances are needed to ensure small errors don’t spiral out of control. This extends from the beverage industry to petrochemical production.
That’s why our vision systems are equipped not just to identify missing products, but also to identify whether a case has been improperly loaded, and even ensure interpacking and partitioners are inserted properly. These vision systems also connect to your MES system, allowing them to scan the packages’ SKUs to ensure the proper products are in the proper container.

Improved Productivity and Performance

Without automated vision systems, you rely on human operators to inspect each container. Just like automation exponentially increases throughput, reliance on human operators works in the opposite direction. They must hand it off, open the flaps, check section by section, and then decide if it’s a pass or fail. Add in the need for breaks, shift changeover, and the unavoidable truth that people slow down as their workday progresses, and we see how fully automated vision systems benefit every industry.

Improved Quality Control and Efficiency

In manufacturing, we consider reliability with respect to how often the machine breaks, but in quality assurance. We must also consider how often an inspection step fails to identify a non-compliant product or produce a false positive. Human operators are fundamentally prone to missing small details, especially if they are performing a repetitive task. With our fully automated and machine vision-enabled systems, you can increase your detection capabilities and ensure incorrectly packed containers never make it to the customer.

Reduced Costs

While it may be initially counterintuitive, the initial investment in automated carton packaging systems inspection pays dividends over time, as you save money on repairs to inferior systems or paying human operators to work around-the-clock shifts. Our machines are designed to last, and all maintenance is communicated through the color touchscreen display. You never need to guess when maintenance is needed or when to plan for downtime.

Visual Inspection System Applications

Visual inspection systems can be used for various applications, including empty case inspection, and checking filled cases for quality control. The system is adapted to what is in the package, so it can be used for a variety of applications. This includes partition alignment, multi-tier pack validation, multi-SKU verification, and flagging missing products in cases.

Wayne Automation can help you tailor your vision inspection system to your unique specifications. With all the capabilities of automatic vision inspection, this machinery can be used for a wide range of applications in various industries for end-of-line packaging automation.

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