Why a Hot Melt Case Sealer is a Must for Making Your Boxes Look Crisp and Professional!

Why a Hot Melt Case Sealer is a Must for Making Your Boxes Look Crisp and Professional!

A Good Adhesive is Good for Business

 Damaged and badly sealed box

Having crisp, clean, professional packaging not only protects your products, but also elevates your business in the eyes of your customers. Sealing your cases with a hot melt glue case sealer ensures your box has a strong bond. This helps make it look sharp, and ensures the box remains intact throughout its entire journey.

Although there are different types of adhesives, if you opt for a cheap sealer, you also risk the case coming apart during transit. An unsecured box increases the chances of products falling out and being lost or damaged. It also increases the possibility of incurring higher costs to replace those goods. Finally, you could face a problem with your company’s brand image if your products arrive at their final destination looking frumpy or disheveled.

Getting Both Quality and Consistency

A Wayne RPS Case Sealer applying hot glue to case folds

So the question isn’t whether you should have good packaging. The essential question to answer is how can you quickly and consistently get your products boxed, sealed, and shipped?

At Wayne Automation, we know the value of pairing efficient production with uncompromising excellence. That’s why we’ve made our case sealing equipment powerful and flexible enough to fit perfectly into any process.

We have partnered with a variety of industries to install our case sealers. Many of our partners include Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Petroleum, and Household/Personal Care Products companies.

Based on our experience, here are the main benefits of using a hot melt case sealer:

5 Benefits of Using a Hot Melt Glue Case Sealer

There are two commonly used methods for sealing cases 1) Hot Melt Glue and 2) Tape. While Wayne Automation high-speed case sealers can seal with either adhesive, here is a quick rundown of the advantages of hot melt glue.

1. Better Savings

A hot melt glue case sealer can be more expensive than a machine that uses tape or just using a manual tape dispenser. However, hot melt glue costs almost 75% less than packaging tape. While the startup cost may be higher, the long-term savings are significant.

2. Faster Speeds

Operations running a high-volume at high speeds commonly use hot melt glue rather than tape. The hot melt glue systems can stay running longer than many tape systems because tape sealers need to stop more frequently for roll changes.

3. Stronger Holds

The chemical composition of hot melt glue adds strength to a box’s structure. This is a clear bonus for all packages, but especially for heavy packages or packages that will be shipped far distances or stored for extended periods.

4. Finer Aesthetics

When the package arrives at your customer’s door, you want it to look as good as possible. In addition to the benefit of the strengthening properties of hot melt glue, your case can also have a neater appearance. Hot melt goes underneath the flaps, so you don’t see it. Adhesives applied on the outside of the box can sometimes get wrinkles or interfere with other branding elements printed on the box.

5. Easier Handling

Hot melt glue is strong enough to keep the box together and easy enough to open without tools. Boxes sealed with tape typically require a knife or other sharp object to open. The experience of opening a box sealed with hot melt glue is often preferred.

When Tape is the Right Seal

Factory worker with packing tape gun dispenser sealing a box

All that being said, we recognize that there are some situations where a tape seal might be a better option for your end-of-line process. For example, if your product requires a tight seal to prevent exposure to extreme environments, then tape may be a better choice. Tape closes package flaps from the outside, and can be made using a sturdy plastic or plastic-like material. This offers very strong sealing protection.

Your product also may have a unique shape, requiring a case more easily sealed with tape versus hot melt glue. There are numerous reasons why tape may be the right choice for your business, and it’s important to consider carefully.

We recommend researching the various options available before you settle on one or the other because both have advantages and disadvantages.

Wayne Automation Is Here For You

Side view of a Wayne RPS-LR Case Sealer

Selecting the appropriate material for your case sealing application isn’t a simple decision. However, it’s also probably not a priority decision for a company owner or manager.

With case sealing equipment, there are better choices, and there are wrong choices. Sealing your cases properly to protect your product (and your company’s brand) can impact your business’ growth and sustainability.

Whether you’re still hand-taping boxes, starting to ship a mix of different size boxes, or are simply looking for alternatives to help reduce your overall costs, we can help.

Our packaging professionals will gladly take the time to answer your questions, arrange a plant tour, or set up a product demonstration so you can make the right decision for your company.

Contact us today and talk with one of our experts.

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