Meet Wayne Automation’s Newest Piece of Production Equipment

Meet Wayne Automation’s Newest Piece of Production Equipment

Wayne Automation has had to face many of the same challenges as our partners throughout the pandemic, but has worked aggressively to maintain the levels of support our customers expect when choosing Wayne Automation as a packaging equipment partner.

In working to sustain the highest level of support and services that we provide, Wayne automation made a significant investment with the purchase and installment of a new Doosan NHP horizontal machining center. What makes this piece of production equipment such an important addition to our facilities? Let’s take a deeper look into the new horizontal machining center here at Wayne Automation.

The Incredible Benefits of Doosan NHP

Equipment being offloaded at Wayne AutomationThe NHP horizontal machining center is built upon a highly rigid structure with a step-type guide base. Thermal growth in this machine is minimized thanks to the utilization of cooled ballscrews. With space always being a limiting factor in all facilities, the 15% reduced footprint of the Doosan NHP, along with a 24% increased work area make this machine an efficient and space conscious addition to our facilities.

With the addition of this piece of production equipment, Wayne Automation will be able to increase machine shop capacity by up to 30%. Thanks to this new machining center having a servo-driven tool magazine and pallet changer, we will also be able to reduce our cycle times and see an uptick in reliability.

When it comes to machining centers, the Doosan NHP is the premier option. You would be hard-pressed to find a more compact option for a linear roller guide horizontal machining center. All of the attributes that this machine has is precisely why Wayne Automation chose this piece of production equipment and put forth such an investment. These machining centers are designed for massive metal removal and can single-handedly have a dramatic effect on our business capabilities and what we can provide to our partners.

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