How to Keep Your End-of-Line Packaging Machinery Running Smoothly

How to Keep Your End-of-Line Packaging Machinery Running Smoothly

Addressing Common Challenges in End-of-Line Packaging and Solutions

Wayne Automation’s WMCE Case Erector machine.End-of-line packaging is a critical process in the manufacturing industry, ensuring products are efficiently and safely prepared for shipment. However, this stage often faces challenges that can hinder productivity and increase costs.

One common obstacle is the limitations of custom machines, which aren’t always flexible enough to adapt to changing packaging needs. Wayne Automation eliminates these challenges head-on with our innovative end-of-line automation solutions.

Common Challenges With Automated End-of-Line Packaging Machines

Wayne Automation’s WLRV Case Erector machine.End-of-line packaging is meant to lower packaging costs and enhance packaging systems. Yet, one major challenge in this industry is the use of specialized, single-purpose equipment.

While these machines are designed to perform specific tasks, they often can lead to more downtime and higher maintenance costs. Additionally, the space required for such machinery can be suboptimal, limiting the overall floor space available for other important operations.

Wayne Automation’s approach to end-of-line packaging addresses these concerns by providing machines that are versatile and durable. With a broader range of capabilities, manufacturers can avoid downtime caused by machine changeovers, reduce maintenance costs associated with specialized equipment, and enjoy greater flexibility in their packaging processes.

Versatile Packaging Equipment vs. Custom Machines

There are several differences in using custom end-of-line machinery vs. multipurpose machines. Let’s break them down.

Custom Offers Less Carton Size Flexibility

Manufacturers often deal with a wide range of product sizes, shapes, and packaging requirements. This variability can pose challenges in designing automated systems. Custom end-of-line packaging machinery is specifically designed to fulfill unique packaging requirements. However, these specialized machines often lack the flexibility to accommodate evolving needs.

This limitation can also hinder manufacturers who already require versatility in their packaging operations. Not only do these machines have a higher maintenance cost, but they don’t provide an optimal use of floor space because they can only work with a single carton size or perform one task. Therefore, multiple machines would be needed for a comprehensive end-of-line packaging system.

That’s why Wayne Automation offers machines with multiple uses, which are more reliable, convenient, and cost-effective in today’s fast-paced industry.

For example, a custom case erector may only work with one carton size or type, but Wayne’s WLRV-CE Case Erector can handle both regular slotted containers and half-slotted containers and can erect boxes as small as 6 x 6 x 4 up to 24.5 x 20 x 20.

Multipurpose Machines Allow for Greater Efficiency

Wayne Automation’s TR-60 FOIL Tray Former machine.

End-of-line packaging automation involves multiple complex operations such as filling, sealing, labeling, and palletizing. Coordinating these operations seamlessly and efficiently can be challenging, especially when dealing with high volumes of products.

Wayne Automation has provided manufacturers with a solution that effectively addresses the inflexibility of custom machines. For example, our RPS-LR Case Sealer can work with multiple product sizes and seal cases using tape or hot melt glue.

This multifunctionality allows for quick adaptation to changes in packaging requirements, eliminating the need for additional equipment or costly modifications. As a result, manufacturers can optimize their production lines and allocate their floor space more efficiently, enhancing overall productivity.

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End-of-line packaging solutions can present numerous challenges to manufacturers, but powerful solutions are available. Wayne Automation has revolutionized the industry by introducing machines with multiple uses, providing the flexibility required in today’s rapidly changing market.

By eliminating the shortcomings of single-purpose machines, manufacturers can overcome downtime, reduce maintenance costs, increase packaging flexibility, and optimize their floor space.

Are you ready to overcome common end-of-line machinery challenges with trusted industry equipment and expertise from Wayne? Contact us today!

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