Cost Savings, Quality, and More with End-of-Line Packaging Equipment

Cost Savings, Quality, and More with End-of-Line Packaging Equipment

Your product is made. Now comes the important part—getting it out to market to start selling. End-of-line packaging equipment does just that. Whether fully automated, or working in tandem with manual labor, these machines offer powerful solutions for preparing finished items to ship. Case erectors, case packers, case sealers, and palletizers are all pieces of end-of-line packaging equipment that automate processes traditionally performed by humans, delivering professional-looking, secure packages at unbeatable speeds.

Wayne Automation case sealer providing end-of-line automation for spray bottle cases. If you’re at the stage in your business where you need more resources for end-of-line packaging, you have two main options. The first is introducing more manual labor, meaning hiring additional staff to handle the increased workload. The second is investing in industrial automation.

Implementing automation into your end-of-line packaging process is a great introduction into the world of packaging automation, since the equipment is able to perform the tasks you want at the quality you need. This also provides cascading benefits, which all together deliver a remarkably short ROI. Read on to find out how packaging automation delivers in all parts of your business.

How Beneficial is End-of-Line Packaging Automation?

The benefits provided by end-of-line packaging extend far beyond the footprint of the machine. Expediting your product line, eliminating bottlenecks, and increasing quality are all attainable when adding automation to those final steps in your process. The result is enormous savings, allowing you to focus those resources on improving your product, and developing your business.

Saving on Materials and Storage

Material costs tend to go down as you can buy in larger quantities, and automated equipment can often handle larger rolls of tape than manual equipment. Additionally, warehousing costs are reduced, given that flats can be assembled as needed, as opposed to pre-building and storing cases and trays. Also, a more efficient process means reduced labor costs, saving your business time and money.

 Wayne Automation Quattro 4-head case erector on factory floor

Improved Quality and Consistency

As mentioned, quality comes with end-of-line automation. Packaging equipment never gets tired or distracted, so you can count on consistent results each and every time. With improvements in quality comes fewer incidents of product damage, which leads to a better brand image and happier customers.

Benefits for Employees

Packaging automation provides benefits for your workers. By reducing the strain of manual assembly, employees are happier, healthier, and able to be better allocated in the factory. This means not only mitigating the risk of paying workman’s comp, but also utilizing their problem-solving skills to proactively enhance your process. Additionally, training employees on new automation machines gives them valuable knowledge they can carry with them into the future. Finally, with COVID-19 still being a threat, automation can assist with social distancing, allowing you to prioritize employee health without sacrificing productivity.

End-of-line packaging is a critical step in the packaging process and with automation, you can take your end-of-line to the next level. Contact us today to see how Wayne Automation can benefit your process.

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