Why the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Needs End of Line Packaging

Why the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Needs End of Line Packaging

Businesses face challenges everyday. One of those challenges is keeping up with demand. The more demand you have, the more packaging you have. When it comes to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), this packaging not only needs to keep the product safe, but also look clean, professional, and appealing.

This is where automation can help. Automated packaging equipment can be leveraged to improve the output quality and efficiency of the production line when manual labor cannot keep up with packaging needs. Read on to learn more about how CPG packaging benefits from high-quality end-of-line packaging automation.

What Is End-of-Line Packaging?

Wayne Automation Quattro Partition InserterEnd-of-line packaging is the final stage of packaging a product, and making it ready for the market. Steps like case sealing and partition inserting are examples of processes that typically take place at this stage of the packaging line.

Quality at this stage is important because this is the last step before your product makes it out the door and into the hands of your customers. It is also a stage that you want to be efficient, as delays can prevent on-time product deliveries or prevent your product from getting to market on schedule.

Why the Consumer Goods Industry Needs End-of-Line Automation

Since the consumer packaged goods market is a very competitive one, selling high volumes of product at competitive pricing is critical to success. That means finding new ways to keep up with demand, and seeking ways to reduce costs wherever possible. Automation in your packaging line is one of the ways to do both.

The consumer packaged goods industry also needs quality and consistency with each and every product that leaves the facility. When the customer makes a purchase, they want to receive a product that looks the same as the last time they bought it. The consistency that automation delivers ensures customers get what they want which also leads to better brand image.

Different Machines for Different Applications

Bottle Beverage Packaging EquipmentTwo of the most popular pieces of packaging line automation are case sealers and partition inserters. Both of these perform important tasks in a packaging system before a product is ready to be sold in the market.

Case Sealers

Case sealers do just as they sound—sealing up product cartons or final products that are packed in boxes. No buyer wants to receive a product that isn’t sealed correctly so this piece of equipment is important in being able to produce quality seals time and time again.

Partition Inserters

Partition inserters are also an important piece of any end of line packaging process. Automated partition inserters place partitions in the desired location to separate products and keep them safe during transport. Glass and plastic, petrochemical, and food products are just three examples of industries where partitioning is important.

The expense of automated end-of-line packaging machines is minimal when compared to the value they provide. Wayne Automation has many options for both case sealers and partition inserters, as well as other end-of-line packaging equipment.

Save Time and Money

Implementing end-of-line packaging automation systems is an important investment for any business, especially ones in the consumer packaged goods industry. The investment into automation of your end of line packaging processes will save a lot of time, energy, and resources. The alternative to implementing automation in the packaging process is either not scaling with demand, or increased manual labor resources. Both of these are costly in terms of either lost revenues or additional expenditures.

Automation also provides quality and efficiency that cannot be matched with manual packaging. With packaging equipment, you know that the results will be consistent each time in terms of quality and speed. End-of-line packaging automation also frees up resources. Employees that were once on the packaging line can now be utilized in other areas. All of these benefits that packaging automation provides help save resources, and lead businesses to success .

To be on top of the game and reduce long-term costs—just like every other business process and modern-age technology—automation can help reduce the costs and maximize both the topline and bottom line of the business.

Let’s Automate Your End Of Line Packaging

CPG packaging automation provides enormous benefits. Wayne Automation has the knowledge and expertise to automate your end-of-line packaging processes. If you are interested in improving your packaging line, we would love to help. Contact us today!

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