Choosing the Best Automatic Box-Making Machine for Your Line

Choosing the Best Automatic Box-Making Machine for Your Line


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Choosing the Right Case Erector (Box-Making Machine)

Wayne Automation WCE Case Erector machine.Making the decision to purchase a case erector for your end-of-line packaging automation is a big decision. You have to decide when to buy, what type of machine you need, and what brand or company you want to work with.

At Wayne Automation, we understand that box-making machines are a significant investment for our customers, so we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

In this blog, Jeff Hoffpauer and Ben Goodman from Wayne discuss the need for box-making machines and how companies can make smart investments.

When Should Companies Consider Purchasing Case Erectors?

Wayne Automation WLRV-CE Case Erector machine.A lot of companies might have 15-20 people hand-erecting cases and putting products in. Most of them get to a point where they can’t keep up with the increasing speeds and production requirements, and that’s when they decide to go from manual to automation in the form of a case erector.

Choosing the right machine is all about the return on investment. “A good piece of equipment, a good case erector, can take the place of 10-15 people,” says Jeff. This delivers a relatively short payback period by creating amazing savings on labor costs.

Typically, when working with customers at Wayne, we need to know the following criteria:

  1. What case styles the company uses
  2. What the case dimensions are
  3. The hand of the case (left or right hand)
  4. The speed requirements

From there, we may also ask for a case drawing, which will also help us see the style of cases, the dimensions of the cases, and the hand of the case.

It’s also helpful to know the company’s current speed requirements, as well as what they anticipate for their speed requirements. This will help them choose the best cardboard box-making machine for their needs.

What Are the Varying Speeds Wayne Offers for Case Erectors?

Wayne Automation WMCE Case Erector machine.We have essentially three tiers of equipment to handle varying speeds. These go as follows:

  • The slowest set of speeds for a box-making machine can handle up to 15 cases per minute.
  • Mid-range machines handle about 35 cases per minute.
  • The fastest case erectors can handle up to 75 cases per minute, which is what we consider our high-speed equipment.

Wayne evaluates with its customers what sorts of speeds they need to achieve on their line and the specification of the case. That’s how we come up with a case erector recommendation for each customer that aligns with their production methods.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Wayne Automation for Your Box-Making Machine?

Wayne has been in the business of manufacturing case erectors and other types of end-of-line packaging equipment for nearly 50 years. “Through that, we’ve learned a lot about operational excellence and what it takes to build machines that have maximum efficiency,” says Ben. As a result, Wayne is experienced in producing reliable, sustainable machines that maintain the best uptime in the industry.

We are focused on building quality equipment with low maintenance and significant longevity. We’ve seen a lot of applications, and have been able to design equipment to handle a wide variety of different manufacturing environments and needs.

Typically, we’re looking at reliability and uptime for box production–that’s what is most important to our customers. Wayne also looks to provide automatic box-making machines that properly handle the variants of packaging material that make it onto that production line. There are instances where paper quality is below standard, and we need to ensure our equipment is capable of handling subpar material just as much as anything that’s of higher quality.

Automation That Lasts: The Wayne Difference

“A large part of Wayne’s success is repeat business,” says Jeff. “We’ve been in business close to 50 years and on an annual basis, we have customers coming back who we’ve been doing business with for 45-50 years, producing new equipment for them and meeting their continuing production speeds and requirements.”

“What sets us apart is our durability and reliability. You can find Wayne equipment on a lot of factory floors that has 30+ years on it. And that speaks to the quality,” Jeff says.

Reach out to us through our website, and we will be happy to talk with you about our box-making machines to help you find the best equipment for your line.

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