An Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution Incorporating Both Cost & Labor Savings

An Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution Incorporating Both Cost & Labor Savings

Our Innovative History

Wayne Automation has built a reputation for the fastest, highest performing, most reliable packaging equipment in the industry. We not only take pride in the quality and speed of our corrugated tray former machines, but we are also proud of the longevity of the partnerships we form with our customers. Even our very first customer remains an active customer today. Many other customers who bought our machines 10, 20, and even 30 years ago are still utilizing them in their production lines!

Side view of The Wayne TR50 Tray Former

As a family-owned and operated company, we hold a “customer first” mindset that guides how we operate our business and how we produce our machinery. This commitment to quality of the highest order motivates any partnerships we form to help provide innovative solutions to our new and existing customers.

An Innovative Partnership

Jay Bachman, the Vice President and General Manager of Wayne Automation Corporation, recently shared how one long-term partnership in particular is still producing inventive results.

“Wayne Automation and Innovative Fiber have worked together for nearly 20 years. We first worked together supplying tray forming equipment and trade products to the commercial baking industry. But we’ve recently enhanced our partnership with a selection of new products that we believe will create new opportunities in cost-saving efficiency through corrugated packaging solutions.”

Innovative Fiber logo

Innovative Fiber is a family-owned and operated business in Franklin, Wisconsin. They are an SQF certified facility that manufactures corrugated baking trays for food markets, foodservice retail, and QSR industries across the United States. Their unique trays provide a functional packaging solution that incorporates cost and labor savings in one efficient package.

Serving customer needs for baking, shipping, and selling all in one tray provides a cost efficient, functional packaging solution for any company that offers bake and serve products. These designs save money by specifically eliminating the labor required to wash metal pans and manually set up the trays on the production floor.

Key Innovative Advantages

Tony Cavelli, the Field Sales Manager at Innovative Fiber, elaborated on some of the structural advantages these new trays can provide.

 Baked goods made with Innovative Fibers CorrBake™ corrugated trays

“Innovative Fiber is able to create a leakproof corner by laminating any raw material to the inside wall of their trays. For example, if your company sells a dense product, like a brownie, we can line the tray with a vegetable-grade parchment paper. For lighter materials, like a sheet cake or cornbread, we have a more appropriate material that can hold moisture better than parchment paper. By laminating post-cut, we can seal the corners and bottom to give all four walls a nice, clean surface.”

Additionally, Innovative Fiber’s biodegradable food trays allow customers to get a premium bake release. The number one release liner they produce is a sustainable vegetable parchment paper. With their eco-friendly baking trays and liners, you can incorporate sustainable packaging throughout your system and your customer’s system.

Hot (and Cold) Innovative Solutions

The TR-50 Corrugated Tray Former is Wayne Automation’s premier tray forming packaging equipment. This field-tested food packing machine has been a staple since its introduction. However, to perform optimally with Innovative Fiber’s product, we have made several enhancements to the machine.

Rear view of the TR-50 sending out finished trays

  • First, we have modified it for all-servo motion. This enables exceptional performance, reliability, and consistency in the paper handling. Careful handling is vitally important because any damage to the cardboard baking pans that Innovative Fiber provides will affect the product’s shape. An un-square or wrinkled tray will have an unintended and negative impact on the appearance of the finished product. We optimized our machine to prevent this.
  • Second, we have upgraded the TR-50 to be a dual adhesive system. It can utilize a hot melt adhesive system that provides a strong, instantaneous bond to seal that tray. This allows us to achieve high production rates of up to 50 trays a minute. It can also utilize a cold adhesive system that provides a durable, oven-safe, oven-proof bond needed for disposable oven trays to endure a baking environment.
  • Lastly, our enhanced control gives you a range of capabilities not typical in any other tray forming equipment. We can fashion a corrugated baking sheet with straight 90-degree sidewalls. Alternatively, some customers require a tray with an angled wall side that is also compatible with their automated cutting equipment. We can produce that specified angle to give you the look, performance, and reliability you need.

Additional TR-50 Product Information

Wayne Automation’s TR-50 corrugated tray former is specially designed and built for rapidly producing bakeable cardboard trays or disposable cake trays appropriate for bakeries, pâtisseries, confectionery shops, or any food processing business that requires their products to be baked before they’re served. Check out this video to see it in action!

Other TR-50 features

  • Operating Speeds Up to 55 Trays Per Minute
  • Lexan® Safety Door Anti-Intrusion System
  • Mechanical Motion Magazine Pick & Place and Tray Transporter
  • Quick and Easy Changeover
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix™ and PanelView™ Color Touch Screen HMI
  • Hot Melt Glue System
  • Cold Adhesive System

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Wayne Automation machines with Innovative Fiber trays provide the best possible performance for the end user. This enables businesses to have a fully integrated packaging solution that provides a high-quality output, high speeds, and high reliability, all at a minimal total cost of ownership. Whether you are ready to move into automation immediately, or you are still thinking about it, we will gladly take the time to answer your questions, arrange a plant tour, or set up a product demonstration so you can make the right decision for your company.

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