Automated Glass Packaging: Incredible Benefits for the Industry

Automated Glass Packaging: Incredible Benefits for the Industry

Why Glass Packaging Companies Need to Start Now

In the next half-decade the glass container industry is expected to grow by roughly $20 billion. This covers a massive range of products, from home goods to scientific instruments. But regardless of purpose, one thing remains the same—the need for fast, efficient, and secure packaging. Glass packing companies are already turning towards automation. If glass plants are to keep up with the rising demand for goods, they will need to do the same for their end-of-line processes. Here are the reasons glass packaging needs industrial automation.

Careful Handling for a Delicate Product

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While manufacturing and design differences obviously yield different results, glass needs to be handled with care to avoid chipping, cracking, and shattering. This is especially important in specialty fields such as scientific research, where precision pieces are extremely delicate and highly expensive. Automation has traditionally not been trusted for such careful tasks, instead trusting manual workers to pack products. However, new technology offers all the speed benefits of automation with the care of human workers.

Automated Packing, Custom for the Container

Wayne wraparound casers and case packers offer an incredibly versatile system for packing glass containers in record time. By acting as a modular system, end-of-line automation machines offer dialed-in solutions for the diverse needs of the glass industry. This means precision packing, protecting the integrity of glass containers. And with rapid assembly of any type of case, including partitions and including glued-in styles, plants can achieve maximum efficiency both in storing and assembling cases.

Box Handling Without Worry

For oddly shaped products, an automated packaging process might require inserting glass containers or glass packaging materials from the bottom. To ensure a seamless, hands-off process, Wayne case inverters utilize a patented ‘soft touch’ system, keeping the case in contact with the conveyor. In addition, a sensor verifies that the product is fully seated in the case before closing can continue, automatically stopping to ensure delicate products like glass jars and bottles avoid damage in the event of an error.

Flexible Systems for Diverse Types of Glass Packaging

The glass industry covers a huge range of needs. This means a diversity not only of shapes, but also materials. As such, end-of-line automation needs to provide powerful solutions to specialty pharma suppliers and consumer goods alike. Luckily, packaging automation provides a fast, secure platform for end-of-line processes without compromising the flexibility of the system. Below are the automation benefits glass packing companies need to know.

Rapid Changeover has Never Been Easier

All Wayne machines offer unmatched flexibility in every process from case erection to case sealing. A glass plant that produces a wide range of products needs packaging automation that can keep up. To match the demand, our machines are made with easily changeable heads to slash downtime and save on wasted materials. This also frees up human workers to focus on higher-level tasks, ensuring a better production environment for employees and for the bottom line.

Diverse Packaging Accommodates Any Products

Glass is a highly versatile material. As a result, the design possibilities for cups, bowls, and containers is practically endless. Of course, even the best glass product is worth nothing if it shows up shattered. That’s why Wayne offers eight different configurations of partition inserters with a total of 40 partition options. This means regardless of the container, you can be sure that secure packaging is available. Additionally, proper partition use means vastly improved stacking strength for boxes. Altogether you get better speed, better strength, and better experiences for your customers.

For Your End of Line Packaging Process, Choose Wayne Automation

At Wayne Automation, we combine world-class automation machines with world-class service to provide the highest level of efficiency throughout your entire process. Of course, the first step in creating an effective automated system is selecting the necessary machines for the job. To get a quote on Wayne Automation end of line packaging machines, contact us today.

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