The Top 3 Industries High-Speed Packaging Automation is Transforming

The Top 3 Industries High-Speed Packaging Automation is Transforming

Packaging Automation Systems Supercharge End-of-Line Processes

Automation has been a fact of life in manufacturing for decades, but only now are we starting to see it applied to the boxing and shipping of products. Modern supply chains mean every industry is a global one. Products of all descriptions are constantly bought, sold, and shipped across countries and oceans to reach customers. High-speed packaging automation signals big changes on the horizon for a wide range of industries. Here’s how three of these industries are set to transform in the coming years.

The Industries to Watch for Automated Packaging Solutions

High-Speed Food Packaging

Buyer hands with plastic container of cottage cheese in the grocery storeWith the recent explosion of online grocery services, the need for fast, flexible, and multi-functional packaging automation has never been greater. As increasing numbers of people look to convenience and safety of delivery for their food purchasing needs, companies will need to innovate, or risk falling behind. Handling delicate or oddly-shaped food products has traditionally been left to human workers, but new innovations have massively expanded those capabilities.

Take cottage cheese, for example. This product needs to be packed upside down so water doesn’t pool at the top. This means once packaged, the entire case needs to be gently rotated so the product stays safe and looks presentable to the customer. Case and product inverters can seamlessly integrate in the line, offering fast, consistent handling, far beyond what is possible manually.

On the other hand, uniquely shaped foods and packaging can pose a challenge to end-of-line processes. Maximizing the efficiency of packing without sacrificing stability is some costly calculus for businesses. Luckily, high-speed packaging automation has answers for that too. Partition inserters offer an impressive array of options, allowing packagers to find efficient automation solutions for any product. Even better, the machines allow for rapid changeover, making them ideal for the dynamic needs of the industry.

E-Retail Product Packing

The brick-and-mortar store is far from dead, but especially in 2021, the prevalence of e-retail is undeniable. Exclusively online outfits and big box stores alike are expanding online infrastructure to follow the trends. For these companies, the flexibility and standalone functionality of automation machines mean businesses can maintain a truly custom workflow, while vastly increasing output.

Wayne customer DTLR VILLA is a streetwear brand that had trouble keeping up with demand solely with manual workers. This led to huge inefficiencies like building excess cases to avoid a bottleneck. Stockpiling dozens or hundreds of fully-assembled cases is a huge waste of space, inflating both storage and labor costs. Instead, a high-speed case erector can assemble cases on demand with a minimal footprint. With a more efficient business, and happier employees, companies like DTLR VILLA can continue to grow and satisfy customers.

For retailers looking to further automate their end-of-line process, a comprehensive array of solutions are available to achieve complete high-speed packaging automation. Machines like flap closers/conditioners help to deliver a fully automated system, ideal for large retailers looking for unparalleled streamlining and efficiency. No matter the size of the business, automatic high speed packing gives businesses the speed and efficiency boost to thrive in today’s market.

Petrochemical Packaging Automation

The petrochemical industry is vital in practically every part of modern manufacturing. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be highly toxic and pose a significan risk to anyone exposed. Still, these chemicals need to be packaged and shipped out. Packaging automation systems help provide a safer work environment, addressing the needs of the industry both human and economic.

For powdered chemicals, Wayne offers fully integrated machines to minimize human input and maximize efficiency. Our bag uncuffer/case sealer used a specialized system to accommodate random cases of varying sizes or a dedicated case throughput. The machines are highly durable to survive the harsh environments of chemical production, and come complete with multiple safety features to protect operators.

Finally, there is an obvious risk in transporting hazardous chemicals. However, this can be mitigated through proper handling, high case-assembly standards, and sufficient oversight. Having an operator inspect every box in a high-throughput factory is likely dangerous and inadequate. That’s why Wayne offers an integrated vision inspection system to check each case, identifying mispacked containers and missing or damaged packaging. Altogether, high-speed packaging automation offers greater safety and employee well-being while also being the smart financial choice for the petrochemical industry.

Make the Difference for Your Process Today

The next industry to be transformed by end-of-line automation could be yours. Stay ahead of the curve, improve your process, and set your business up for success. To learn more about how our products can work for your custom manufacturing process, contact us today.

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