This Wayne Case Erector Machine Just Got Three Major Upgrades

This Wayne Case Erector Machine Just Got Three Major Upgrades

Why We’re Continuously Improving our Case Erector Equipment

At Wayne Automation, our first priority is creating lasting partnerships with our clients. This means creating the best packaging automation machines on the market. But, it also means so much more. We don’t sit on our laurels when it comes to our business. We go out of our way to help clients, providing unmatched service to ensure our machines live up to the Wayne name. This also means we are constantly looking for ways to do better for our clients, constantly updating and improving our designs. That’s why we’re proud to present our new and improved case erector machine.

High-speed packaging is transforming industries from e-retail to industrial petrochemical. The demand for speed and efficiency has never been higher, and manufacturers and suppliers need new engineering solutions to keep up. Just take the massive changes in the food industry the last few years. Food and beverage e-retail was a $15 billion dollar industry in 2020, and that number is expected to rise to $20 billion by 2023. All this while food producers see up to 40% of production costs taken up by packaging alone.

Wayne made its name in beverage packaging, and many of our closest partners are major businesses in the industry. We know the importance of efficiency, capability, and reliability in the fast-moving food and beverage industry. Today, we are proud to now serve a diverse set of manufacturers and suppliers in markets across the board. The way we support these businesses in the challenges they face is by constantly giving them the tools to meet their growing challenges. Here’s what we’ve done this time.

What to Expect from Our Upgraded WLRV Case Erector

Our updated machines speak to the needs of accelerating industries by increasing capability, while reducing footprint. This benefits the small packager and the mammoth manufacturer alike, delivering the uncompromising quality Wayne is known for with even greater efficiency and versatility. These are the three major upgrades we’ve made to the WLRV Case Erector Machine.

Improved Sustained Production Rate

First off, we’ve achieved a 26% increase in maximum sustained production rate. Previously boasting a maximum of 30 cases per minute, this upgrade raises that figure to 40 cases per minute. For a case erector machine expecting to see 24/7 action, that’s a difference of nearly 13,000 boxes per day. This also allows manufacturers to be even more productive, preventing backups, and accelerating delivery timelines.

Increased Case Size Capacity

From the start, the WLRV was designed for manufacturers with the need to handle a wide range of case sizes. That’s why it includes fully automatic changeover, minimizing downtime for line changes, and eliminating operator intervention. Now, the machine is even powerful and versatile. The upgraded model boasts a 15% increase in the case size range, growing the maximum size case capability, and further expanding the options for manufacturers.

Reduced Factory Footprint

For many manufacturers considering automated packaging solutions, space is a major issue. In a crowded factory, every square meter counts. The upgraded WLRV answers this need, delivering an impressive 21% decrease in overall length of the machine. Now, this case erector machine is more efficient than ever, providing an even higher throughput in a fraction of the space. It’s this commitment to improvement that drives all our work, so be sure to look out for the next Wayne Automation upgrade.

Make the Difference for Your Process Today

A box erector from Wayne can bring your end-of-line process to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve, improve your productivity, and set your business up for success. To learn more about how our products can work for your custom manufacturing process, contact us today.

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