Chemical manufacturers must adhere to rigorous packaging standards to prevent product waste, protect people and the environment, and comply with regulations such as ISO 9001:2015. Industrial chemical packaging is essential for the safe transport and storage of hazardous and flammable materials, liquid chemicals, and lubricants.

Packaging Challenges in the Industrial Chemical Industry

Industries relying on petrochemical packaging face a unique set of obstacles due to the nature of the products being shipped. Hazardous and flammable materials are common, requiring specialized packaging materials and strict regulatory compliance. Storage space for large containers and bulk orders is also a concern.

Additionally, product waste and loss due to inefficient packaging can lead to decreased profits. With the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, companies must balance the use of eco-friendly materials with product safety. Finding the right packaging expert with knowledge of the industry and relevant regulations is necessary for your business’s success.

Benefits of Wayne’s Packaging Solutions

Wayne Automation has been meeting the need for powerful, comprehensive end-of-line packaging machinery since 1976. We also have extensive experience engineering automated industrial chemical packaging solutions, and can provide reliable and sustainable packaging solutions for hazardous and harmful chemicals.

Speed for Enhanced Efficiency

Speed is essential in packaging automation, but so is quality and consistency. Wayne Automation’s provides high-speed packaging equipment for the industrial chemical packaging while also delivering the quality, consistency, safety, and reliability manufacturers in the chemical sector need.

The thicker packaging materials industrial chemical manufacturers use requires machinery that can efficiently handle these containers. Our end-of-line packaging solutions provide durable and rapid tray forming, case sealing, and case and tray packing to create a streamlined packaging process for even the toughest of packaging materials.

Machinery to Handle Heavy-Duty Industrial Packaging

Wayne’s machines are designed to handle heavy-duty, multi-walled materials for industrial chemical companies. These manufacturers need robust protection for their products, but they also need to erect and seal cases at high speeds for greater efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Our equipment allows for consistent, high-speed case packing and sealing, even when you need multiple cases done at a time. Our machines are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for safety, reliability, and consistency when working with more robust packaging materials. Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and maintain safety and control for your industrial chemical packaging processes with Wayne.

Enhanced User Satisfaction

Automated chemical packaging solutions also enhance quality control, leading to reduced manual handling and improved delivery appearance. This results in increased satisfaction among both workers and customers, creating a more effective and cost-efficient process that benefits both chemical manufacturers and end-users.

Unparalleled Protection for Your Delicate Products

As we’ve seen, fast and efficient product and case inversion equipment is necessary for end-of-line packaging systems. But it’s also crucial to handle cases gently in order to maintain product safety and consistency. Wayne Automation’s ‘soft touch’ inversion system is a suitable option for any company needing industrial chemical packaging.

For example, our CL-40 case and product inverters provide continuous control by keeping the case in contact with the conveyor. Its specialized inverter heads allow for quick changeovers and maintain the conditioning of longer boxes. Additionally, the CL-40 is efficient, with the ability to invert 40 cases per minute.

With Wayne’s automated solutions, chemical manufacturers can ensure product safety through our custom engineered packaging machines.




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