Petrochemical Packaging with Wayne Automation

The chemical packaging industry comes with a variety of unique and specific needs. Here’s how Wayne is meeting those needs and exceeding expectations.

Providing the Best Chemical Packaging Equipment for a Global Market

The petrochemical market is currently worth more than $500 billion, and expected to grow by hundreds of billions more by 2027. In order to sustain this monumental growth, automation will become an increasingly prominent feature of the industry. But, this can’t be limited to chemical production. Packaging automation needs to grow in tandem with manufacturing automation to maintain productivity across every level of the supply chain.

Since 1976, Wayne Automation has been meeting the need for powerful, comprehensive end-of-line packaging machinery, allowing companies to increase efficiency and exceed expectations. Here is how our solutions can benefit the petrochemical industry, and why your company should consider the benefits of automating with Wayne.

The Wayne Benefit for Chemical Packing Solutions

Safer Workplaces Make for Happier, Healthier Employees

Many common petrochemicals such as sulfur and ammonia can be irritating, corrosive, and toxic. Even when contained, if a worker is packing chemicals by hand there is always a risk of exposure. Faults in the containers or mishandled product due to speed demands can cause hazardous spills and lead to costly injuries. Industrial packing machinery reduces that risk by bringing workers away from potentially harmful chemicals, and replacing human error with mechanical control. Wayne machines allow for consistent, high-volume packaging complete with sensors to ensure every case is handled correctly. Companies routinely experience increased worker satisfaction after introducing our machines, and in the petrochemical industry, the safety benefits make automation an easy choice.

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Flexible Packaging Machinery for the Unique Needs of the Industry

The petrochemical industry requires specialized equipment and containers to ensure the safe packaging of products. One example of this is the industry’s tendency to use thicker containers in order to prevent leaking. As a result, end-of-line petrochemical packing machines need to have the power and flexibility to accommodate these containers.

This is why Wayne Automation offers three different styles of case and tray packing equipment. A tray packer with partitions for motor oil? We have it. A wraparound caser with c-pad Inserts for solvents? We have that too. Whether the application calls for tray packers, wraparound casers, or RSC case packers, our equipment is designed to provide the fastest, most durable solutions for your process.

Specialized Equipment for Chemical Filling Systems

A massive and growing subsection of the petrochemical industry is bulk powder handling. Products as diverse as detergents, pesticides, and drug additives all fall under this category, collectively representing billions of dollars in market share. These bulk powder petroleum derivatives require special chemical handling and packaging systems to supply this global industry, and Wayne Automation offers powerful solutions.

Our RUC/S-20 is an integrated bag uncuffer and case sealer that is capable of preparing 20 bags per minute, with servo controlled motions allowing seamless transitions even between random-sized cases. Additionally, the machine offers unmatched protection to delicate poly bags using a high-volume rotary vacuum system. This, combined with a rugged steel construction, allows the RUC/S-20 to work in tandem with chemical filling equipment, creating incredibly streamlined processes.

Secure Packing for Confident Shipping

Different chemical products will require different configurations for boxing and shipping, but all require secure, sturdy packaging for distribution. Particularly in the case of volatile or corrosive chemicals, sufficiently tough cases and packaging are key to safe and successful shipping. That is why Wayne offers over 40 different partition styles to accommodate unconventional containers and prevent crushing during transport.

We supply nine different partition inserters to cover the packaging and volume needs of any process. Our SF-400 Quattro can handle four cases at once, allowing for 70 insertions per minute without sacrificing flexibility and rapid changeover times. This means protection for chemical products and extra stability for the case itself, all while accelerating productivity.

Superior Case Handling for Delicate Product Protection

Whether it is the chemical makeup of a product or the unusual shape of a container, product and case inversion equipment can be vital elements of an end-of-line packaging system. This process needs to be quick and efficient to maintain productivity. However, cases still need to be handled with care. That’s why Wayne Automation has developed a ‘soft touch’ inversion system ideal for the chemical packing industry.

The CL-40 case and product inverters ensure the case never leaves contact with the conveyor, offering continuous control. Its design includes specialized inverter heads, allowing not only for quick changeovers, but also maintaining flap conditioning on longer boxes during the process. The CL-40 also provides incredible efficiency wins, inverting 40 cases per minute.

World-Class Service for Continuously Improving Your Process

With such stratospheric growth expected in the next half decade, the demands on chemical manufacturers and their packaging equipment will grow accordingly. Downtime will only become a bigger issue as companies are expected to hit higher marks. To survive in this new era, chemical filling systems will need fast, detailed, and comprehensive service.

At Wayne, we know the reputation of our industrial packaging equipment, we make it our mission to provide support that is just as powerful and reliable as our machines. That’s why we go above and beyond to help our clients, providing rapid installation, comprehensive training, and day-or-night support to ensure your success. We service, support, and upgrade our machines constantly to make sure that your productivity keeps growing.


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