Glass and Plastic Packaging: Wayne’s Powerful End-of-Line Solutions

45 years of the most rugged, reliable equipment on the market.


Since 1976, Wayne Automation has been delivering superior performance and increased efficiency to the glass and plastic packaging industry. The need for 24/7 production made our products an early favorite among container companies, and we are proud to still hold that title today. Our dedication to quality, service, and continuous improvement provides powerful solutions to this massively growing industry, and ensures that our clients become longtime partners.

Wayne machines are built to provide unmatched speed and precision in every part of the packaging process. From erecting flat cases to sealing packed boxes of product, we are there every step of the way to maximize the efficiency of glass and plastic packaging processes. Learn how our detailed, personal approach to turn-key automation solutions can make a difference in your process—now—and for years to come.


Flexible Case Packers for Your Needs

Flexible Case Packers for Your Needs – We made our name in the container packaging industry, so we know your needs. Fully custom machines are rarely an option for companies, but what if you need a glass jar packaging machine? Our turn-key case packers utilize modular design components to give you the speed and precision you need while also meeting your budget and schedule. Need a lightning-fast plastic container packaging machine for simple items? Wayne provides automatic packing solutions. Need to pack glass bottles, and want the careful touch of a human worker? Manual pack station options are available too. But, the value doesn’t end there. Wayne also offers a basket carrier erector/inserter (BCI), providing a glass bottle packaging machine tailor-made for the industry. Our BCI machine is a quick, compact, and comprehensive system, producing up to 30 six-pack or four-pack basket carriers per minute while only taking up 22 feet of line space.

Partition Styles for Any Application

Especially for plastic containers, there is an enormous range of possible container shapes and sizes. But, whether you need a glass or plastic container packaging machine, Wayne has you covered. Our partition inserters offer ready-made solutions with unmatched performance and flexibility. With 40 different partition styles and machine options accommodating either pre-assembled or die-cut partitions, there is a perfect fit for your custom application. Our fastest machine is capable of inserting up to 70 pre-assembled partitions per minute, making large-scale production seamless.

Gentle Handling for Delicate Containers

Glass packaging machines need to be able to ensure the safety of breakable goods without compromising efficiency. That’s why our flap folder and closer machines use a patented process for protecting the product and maintaining structural integrity of the case during folding. A sensor verifies that the product is fully seated in the case before closing can continue, automatically stopping to ensure delicate products like glass jars and bottles avoid damage in the event of an error. This devotion to product integrity is also why our case inverters use a special “soft touch” method, maintaining case contact with the conveyor for the entire inversion process. Also, for longer boxes, an escapement is used to keep the case flaps closed. These safety features prevent glass bottles and jars from falling, sustaining damage while operating at a rate of up to 40 cases per minute.

Rapid Changeovers Made Simple

The glass and plastic container packaging industry often requires frequent changeovers, and some automated systems can risk extensive downtime, hurting margins. That’s why Wayne machines are engineered to make line changes a simple and intuitive process at any step of packaging. From quick-change inverter heads to easy-to-adjust case erectors, our packaging machines offer simple, powerful solutions. The RPS-LR Automatic Case Sealer is even capable of automatic changeovers, taking just 20 seconds to complete the process.

World-Class Service to Support Your Success

Among the biggest obstacles to automation is a lack of experienced machine operators and high transition costs. Many plastic and glass container packagers struggle to hire experienced staff or front the loss for a lengthy transition process. Luckily, Wayne Automation has you covered on both counts.

Our expert engineers provide personalized guidance starting well before the delivery of the machine, and continuing long after installation. We provide training for workers, and are renowned for our dedicated engineering support, providing guidance day or night. Wayne is also committed to seamless integrations, getting your system operational often in mere days. It is this drive to provide a successful integration that has made our machines a staple of the container packaging industry for decades.


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Wayne Steps In To Save The Day

Learn how Wayne Automation turned Ainsley Warehouse’s second-hand horror story into an incredible success with above-and-beyond service. Discover the power of the Wayne approach through one company’s search for a high-quality case erector.


Ainsley Warehouse wanted a Wayne basket carrier erector, but a bad deal left them with an unusable second-hand machine.


Wayne stepped in, helping Ainsley repair the machine and going above and beyond to ensure the facility had the resources they needed.


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