Small Business Food Secondary Packaging Machines

For decades, Wayne Automation has been building high-quality automation equipment for the small producer. From craft brewers to fashion retailers, we provide our customers with unmatched value for their end-of-line process.

With the growing prominence of grocery e-commerce in the food industry, there is a rising demand for small businesses to be able to provide fast, reliable delivery services.

Businesses face a significant challenge in automating food secondary packaging processes to meet demand. Wayne engineering offers industrial packaging machines that are easily accessible.

Carton and Case Packing Systems that Fit Your Space

Finding a machine for automating the types of packaging suitable for a small business can be challenging, particularly for food packaging where product security and appearance are important. Wayne offers affordable and convenient models that maintain the speed and efficiency you need.

The WMCE and the WCE case erectors both offer a mix of compact footprint and impressive speeds. This allows for minimal space wasted on pre-assembled boxes, instead allowing instant assembly as demand requires.

Our Automated Machine Loader further increases space and labor efficiency, allowing for an even better production process.

Meeting Speed, Capacity, Durability, and Maintenance Requirements

A side view of a Wayne WCE Vertical Case ErectorManaging maintenance costs is crucial in automation. Even if a food packaging machine for a small business is fast, it won’t be successful if it consistently breaks down or requires frequent replacement parts.

Consistency is key in automation, which is why Wayne’s food packing equipment is durable and built to last. With regular maintenance, our machines can last for decades.

The rugged construction and reliable engineering means that you get a better ROI, reduced labor costs, and increased revenue due to reduced downtime. And when there are problems, we are available 24/7 to help.

Wayne provides superior solutions that increase productivity from day one, making the choice easy for small food businesses considering automation.

Designed for a Dynamic Workplace

The largest obstacle for small businesses considering an automated food packaging machine is always scale. If a company is constantly shifting its production line, making a substantial investment in a specialized tool may not seem worth it. Wayne eliminates this worry by creating multi-functional machines with seamless changeovers.

For example, an important step in the food secondary packaging is often inverting products and cases to ensure the food item is in the correct position prior to shipping. Companies that frequently change their production line may be hesitant to automate that process, as the volume would not appear to justify the expense.

Wayne’s CI-40 case inverter solves these problems with fast, tool-free changeovers, making it easy for operators to learn, and for small businesses to get the most out of their automation equipment. This tool-free changeover is also present on many other Wayne machines.

Benefits of Using Wayne's Small Business Food Packaging Machines

Safety in Small Business Environments

In the fast-paced world of a small food production or distribution company, safety is paramount. This is true not only for the customers who need safely handled food, but for the operators who ensure it gets to them.

Cycle stop stations are located at points around the case top sealer, and remote emergency stops are also standard, with system status available on the main operator panel. These redundancies are in place to guarantee that Wayne Automation doesn’t just make the most efficient food packing equipment on the market, but also the most worker-friendly.

Immediate Support When You Need it Most

Unlike many industries, downtime in food packing is more than a simple inconvenience. For small businesses, a delay can have devastating effects not just on profits and reputation, but the product itself.

Perishable items are no good if they aren’t in customer hands at the sell-by date, and a breakdown at the wrong time can be a major setback.

At Wayne, we know that when your food secondary packaging equipment has an issue, every minute matters. That’s why we go above and beyond to help our clients, providing quick delivery of machines, detailed training of operators, and day-or-night support to ensure your success.

We service, support, and upgrade our machines constantly to make sure that your productivity keeps growing, and that your product is as fresh as possible when it reaches your customers.

Confidently Upgrade Your Secondary Packaging Process

To remain competitive in a world of massive corporations, small businesses must stay smart to stay ahead. Wayne Automation offers modular, customizable, and smart machines that perfectly fit the needs of small food companies, allowing them to grow and thrive with confidence.

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