Food Packaging Machines Meet the Benefits of Wayne Engineering

Wayne Automation rises to the challenges of a $300 billion industry.


The food packaging market is currently worth $300 billion, and is expected to grow another $1.5 billion over the next half decade. This includes cardboard cartons, plastic cups, cellophane bags, and everything in between. With a mix of major corporations and small manufacturers introducing thousands of new products each year, you have an incredibly diverse industry with a wide range of needs. From unique container shapes to delicate packing requirements to specialized handling for shipping, end-of-line processes for the food packaging industry pose major challenges, and manual labor can’t keep up.

The only way the industry can keep up with these challenges in the face of massive consumer demand is through automation, and Wayne Automation has solutions. Our detailed engineering and devotion to peerless service results in fast, rugged, and user-friendly machines that keep food products safe as they are prepared to ship to customers. Learn why our machines are the perfect match for your industrial food packaging business.

Food Packaging Equipment Gets the Wayne Approach

Unmatched Flexibility for Unique Food Packaging

The food industry covers a staggering range of products, and food packaging equipment needs to rise to the occasion. With everything from glass bottles to paper cartons to plastic pouches on the menu, the task of packaging diverse products requires machines that are not only fast and efficient, but also flexible. Wayne case inverters answer that need with over 40 partition options to accommodate any sized product. Whatever your application requires, whether it’s pre-assembled, die-cut, or C-pad partitions, we have a solution to securely pack your product. Our SF-400 Enhanced Series Partition Former / Inserter combines unprecedented versatility with up to 40 partitions inserted per minute. Wayne’s specialized T-Tooling makes it so moving between a corrugated H-beam partition, to a multicell, to a glued-in A, is as simple as changing a preset T-Tool. Even better, it can all be completed by a single operator, freeing up resources to further improve your process.

Rows of closed boxes sit on conveyor belts as worker types something on a tablet.

Increased Productivity Meets Superior Product Security

Across all industries, “as much as 11% of unit loads arriving at a distribution center have some level of case damage,” according to Packaging Digest. Rips, dents, and punctures risk contamination, and can make whole pallets of food unsellable. These issues reduce productivity, hurt retailer relationships, and tarnish brand image. Luckily, good case packaging can alleviate some of that risk.Wayne machines ensure a properly constructed box every time, with careful engineering to take the guesswork out of setup, changeovers, and quality control. Our WLRV-CE Automatic Case Erector uses servos instead of pneumatics to eliminate the need for flow control, and boasts toolless changeover to ensure easy, pristine case assembly that mitigates human error.

Furthermore, our incredible diversity of partitions lets manufacturers optimize for case stability and stacking strength, preventing in-transit damage. Finally, Wayne’s WVI Vision Inspection System visually checks that partitions, carriers, or bottles are properly seated into the case, sending rejected cases off to the side.

Altogether, Wayne offers a comprehensive set of tools for industrial food packing, providing unmatched productivity and security.

Plastic containers of tomatoes lined up on a conveyor belt.

Delicate Handling for Specialized Products Needs

One major challenge of the food packaging industry is accommodating the particular challenges of shipping. For instance, cottage cheese needs to be shipped upside down to prevent liquid from pooling at the top when it reaches the customer. Food packing machines need to accommodate this, all while maintaining the security of the product and the efficiency of the process. For all these requirements, Wayne Automation has answers. Wayne case and product inverters use a special “soft touch” method, maintaining case contact with the conveyor for the entire inversion process. This prevents product breakage or packaging damage, increasing your efficiency, and giving your customer a better experience. For longer boxes, an escapement is used to keep case flaps closed, ensuring food products remain securely packed, even at a speed of up to 40 cases per minute.

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The Perfect Food Packaging Machines for Small Businesses

More than 20,000 new food products are introduced in the United States each year. In order to sustain growth, these companies need high-quality food packing machines. However, if they are working independently of a major brand, these companies need options that cater to their limitations. For these small food businesses, Wayne Automation is here to help.

Models like our WMCE Vertical Case Erector offer a small footprint and affordable price point for lower-volume manufacturers. These machines offer the same rugged construction, rapid changeover, and comprehensive safety systems as all our models, giving small manufacturers Wayne value without massive investment. Additionally, packaging machines routinely see a payback period of just a couple years, making Wayne equipment a wise investment for growing businesses.

No matter the size of your company, Wayne makes your value and success a top priority. When you work with us, you have a permanent partner dedicated to keeping your packaging process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Unmatched Support for Fresher, Faster Product

Unlike many industries, downtime in food packing is more than a simple inconvenience. Perishable items are no good if they aren’t in customer hands at the sell-by date, and stalled packaging lines can have devastating effects on a shipment if not dealt with quickly. Whether for small business or industrial high-volume applications, swift, dedicated service is vital in the food packaging industry.

At Wayne, we know that when your food packing equipment has an issue, every minute matters. That’s why we go above and beyond to help our clients, providing day-or-night support to ensure your success. We service, support, and upgrade our machines constantly to make sure that your productivity keeps growing, and your product is as fresh as possible when it reaches your customers.


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